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DeLaval Previews its New Automatic Feed Pusher at World Ag Expo

At the largest annual agricultural exhibition in the world, DeLaval exhibited for the first time in the U.S. its latest automatic feeding solution. The DeLaval feed pusher FPM300 is designed to help reduce labor and waste by pushing up feed to cows – all day, every day and with no time needed to recharge.

Organizers of World Ag Expo, Feb. 11th –13th in Tulare, Calif., awarded the DeLaval feed pusher FPM300 the honor of being a Top 10 New Product at this year’s show.

“In the 130 years DeLaval has been working alongside farmers, we have learned that sometimes the best solutions are also the simplest. Dairy producers are quite bullish on simple!” said Mark Futcher, Marketing Manager, Automatic Milking Systems, DeLaval Inc. “The DeLaval feed pusher is easy to install and operate in any type of animal housing facility – new or old.”

The solution features a motor and gearbox-driven plow that travels the length of the feed bunk on a curb-mounted rail system. The FPM300 can be programmed to operate at desired intervals to offer the herd consistent access to feed helping to improve efficiency, cow health and productivity while decreasing the operation’s labor demands.

DeLaval expects the feed pusher FPM300 to be available for commercial sales in the second half of this year.

Source: DeLaval

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