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December 2018 – Rubicon maintains #1 TPI Ranking

EDG Rubicon-ET ranks #1 for TPI & Fat for December 2018.

EDG Rubicon-ET maintains his #1 TPI ranking for the December 2018 Genetic Evaluation at +2824GTPI. His dam is Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby-ET (EX-90), a 7th gen VG/EX from the EX-95 Dellia family. He ranks #1 for FAT (+121), #2 NM (+972) and #2 Grazing Merit (+890) and is +2.13T. He is one of four Mogul sons in the Top 10 and has 6 sons himself over +2800G. Rubicon is also a Sire of 7 sons in the Top 200 Genomic list and Maternal Grandsire to 27. Additionally in the Top 10, Robust x Planet appears 4 times in the MGS x MGGS column – Rubicon is the only one not from Robst Delicious.

2. 203HO1513 Mr Mccut Dante 1407-ET: Breaking the +2800 threshold, Dante now ranks #2. He is a McCutchen brother to Delta & Denver from Robst Delicious. He is also the highest ranked A2A2 bull available, with Denver being the only other A2A2 bull in the Top 10.

3. 29HO17553 Uecker Supersire Josuper-ET: At +2790GTPI, Josuper ranks #3, while maintaining his #1 spot for Milk (+3246) and NM (+982). He is backed by 5 VG/EX dams.

4. 203HO1468 Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET: Delta now ranks #4 for GTPI (+2779), #1 Grazing Merit (+896) and #3 NM (+920). He is 43 sons over +2700GTPI and is a Maternal Grandsire to 19 bull on the Top 200 Genomic list. He also ranks #1 for LPI & Pro$ in Canada.

5. 7HO12266 Woodcrest Mogul Yoder-ET: Returning to the Top 5, Yoder is +2720 GTPI. His highest GTPI son is 29HO18296 ABS Achiever-ET, who is +2818G and has 11 progeny over +2900G.

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