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Deadline for Mike Hellenbrand Lasting Legacy Award Extended

©Mike Hellenbrand Lasting Legacy Award

A new condensed 12 month timeline is in place for future awards. In 2023, the announcement of the 2023 calf award and application process will begin in October, and end the following October with the HLLA winner consigning their calf to the World Classic sale at World Dairy Expo.

Good news! To make this transition, the 2022 award application deadline for a daughter of 2021 Grand Champion Marilie Gentleman Karmina has been extended to January 1, 2023. Anyone who missed the opportunity to apply can now do so until January 1st. Those who submitted applications may update their applications any time until the revised deadline.

The purpose of the Hellenbrand Lasting Legacy Award (HLLA) is to provide an aspiring and deserving dairy youth a chance to own and show a high-end genetic heifer at local, district and state shows including World Dairy Expo.

The winner of the HLLA will receive 50% ownership in a September, December or March calf from a recent breed champion at the World Dairy Expo. The breed of the calf awarded is expected to rotate on an annual basis amongst all the dairy breeds.

The 2022 award will be an Ayrshire heifer calf from the 2021 WDE Ayrshire Grand Champion Marilie Gentleman Karmina. The breeders, Budjon Farms and Peter Vail will provide the calf to the HLLA award winner for the 2023 show season.

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