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DCHA launches webinar series

Dairy Calf Growth-enhancement Tools headline Dairy Calf and Heifer Association’s (DCHA) inaugural webinar. This one-hour educational offering starts at noon Central time on May 10.

Grant Crawford, beef cattle technical services manager with Merck Animal Health, will lead the webinar. Prior to joining Merck, Crawford spent 12 years with the University of Minnesota as an adjunct professor and beef feedlot extension educator.

During the one-hour webinar, Crawford will address:

• What growth-promoting implants are and the broad array of options and uses available to cattle producers.

• The estrogen question, its residue in meat and its impact on human health.

• Research currently available in wet calves and suckling calves, and their applicability to dairy calves.

• Strategies to best use growth-promoting implants in dairy calves and what implants can be used in wet calves and dairy steers.

To register for the webinar, go here and follow the prompts. As the webinar approaches, you will receive an e-mail with information on how to log in to participate.

If you are a DCHA member and cannot attend the live program, you may access the webinar through DCHA’s online Member Center. This is a new DCHA member benefit. To access the webinar, DCHA members will need to visit the website and enter their username and password.

For more information about DCHA’s webinars, e-mail Sue Schatz, DCHA member services director, at: [email protected]. Follow DCHA on social media or visit the DCHA website to learn about future webinars.

The Dairy Calf and Heifer Association was founded in 1996 based on the mission to help dairy producers, calf managers and those professionally focused on the growth and management of dairy calves and heifers. With a national membership of producers, allied industries and research leaders, DCHA seeks to provide the industry’s standards for profitability, performance and leadership, serving as a catalyst to help members improve the vitality and viability of their individual efforts and that of their business.

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