Daybreak Farm classification highlights - Cowsmo

Daybreak Farm classification highlights

After a long wait the girls at Daybreak Farm, QC were ready for the classifier! With 4 new EX, the day turned out to be pretty great! 

©Daybreak Farm

Classification highlights

  • Homeridge Premier Jasmine EX-91 3rd lactation
  • MSM Chavez Betty EX-90 3rd lactation
  • Homeridge Hiredgun Viv EX-90 3rd lactation
  • Homeridge Terpster Val EX-90 5th lactation
  • Homeridge Getaway Val VG-85 2nd lactation
  • Homeridge Premier Viv one VG-85 2nd lactation
  • MSM Matt Candle VG-87 2nd lactation
  • Homeridge Billings Annette VG-86 2nd lactation
  • MSM Matt Delihia GP-83
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