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Dairyland campaign features diorama’s made from milk cartons

Burnaby, B.C.-based Dairyland is running diorama-like out-of-home creative developed by Cossette Vancouver.

The new ads for the Saputo dairy brand attempt to tap people’s memories drinking the nutrient-rich beverage, suggesting milk itself is at the centre of many fond moments with friends and family.

Dairyland photo

They are presented as dioramas, three-dimensional models often used to help recreate scenes from the past, with a carton of milk serving as the three-dimensional element. One of them features two young boys with hockey sticks in hand, while another portrays a couple seated at a kitchen table, presumably enjoying milk while engaged in conversation. In the third, a grandmother is handing her granddaughter a glass of the stuff, with each ad reminding consumers that “Milk Makes Memories.”

The brand launched a campaign along the same theme last year in celebration of its 100th anniversary. For that execution, Dairyland worked with marketing agency Free For All on an activation that saw a milkman knocks on the doors of East Costers and fly them across the country to reunite with family and friends.

Cossette creative duo Kelsey Hughes and Mark Wilson worked with art production ESTILO3D on the design of the most recent ads.


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