Dairy Women’s Network benefit New Zealand’s leading farm software companies

Dairy Women’s Network to benefit from one of New Zealand’s leading farm software companies

As the dairy industry continues to embrace innovative technology on-farm, a new partnership will see Dairy Women’s Network members benefit directly from the expertise of one of New Zealand’s leading farm software companies.

FarmIQ is software designed to help farmers easily capture and store information so they can analyse performance and meet compliance requirements. It also offers tools to help run the farm.

Dairy Women’s Network is the largest membership organization of its kind in New Zealand, with close to 10,000 members. It was established in 1998 to develop and educate women to add value to the business of dairying, and its members have access to professional support through events and a full calendar of educational opportunities around the country.

Dairy Women’s Network CEO Zelda de Villiers says in an industry increasingly focused on compliance, farm software and technology skills are becoming more important than ever before.

“Technology is an increasingly important part of managing a farm business. Having the right tools at hand can make all the difference – from automating parts of your operation to better managing resources and assessing profitability.

“Accurate recording and interpretation of data is absolutely essential in today’s modern farming environment – it’s a significant driver of returns and value in the primary sector.”

De Villiers says one of the barriers for many in seeking development in this area is that it can be daunting simply knowing where to start.

“That’s why providing opportunities to upskill in this aspect of farming is crucial. We’re looking forward to partnering with FarmIQ to help women in the industry thrive with the technological skills and knowledge they need.”

Over the coming months, FarmIQ will roll out a series of workshops for Dairy Women’s Network members across New Zealand, all with the aim of upskilling participants on the use of farm software.

FarmIQ national dairy business manager Libby Wood says the partnership is timely.

“Dairy Women’s Network does a great job of connecting women in the dairy industry and providing them with relevant, up-to-date learning opportunities,” says Ms Wood.

“As a supplier of software that helps dairy farms get more from their land, animals and pasture, FarmIQ aligns well with the Network’s aim of presenting new ideas, information and technology to its members.

“We’re looking forward to exploring how using farm software can help members achieve their goals – big or small – in the dairy industry.”

Keep an eye on dwn.co.nz for details on upcoming Dairy Women’s Network FarmIQ learning oppourtunities.

Ask Libby – free web coaching series for dairy farmers

FarmIQ is running a free web coaching series called Ask Libby, presented by FarmIQ’s national dairy business manager Libby Wood. Each module starts at 7pm and lasts for an hour, beginning 24 May. Each module covers one topic: environment planning (24 May), pasture management – showing the benefits of information all in one place (7 June), health and safety recording and reporting (21 June), staff management (5 July), interactive farm map (19 July) and planning and scheduling tools (2 August). Visit Ask Libby for more information and to sign up.


Source: Voxy

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