Dairy UK Government Commit Funding School Milk Schemes Post-Brexit

Dairy UK urges Government to Commit to Funding School Milk Schemes Post-Brexit

On World School Milk Day 2018, Dairy UK has called on the Government to safeguard the future of school milk schemes by committing to their long-term funding, post-Brexit.

School Milk Nutrition ActNew research carried out on behalf of Dairy UK has shown that over three-quarters of parents in the UK are concerned about the future funding of school milk schemes after Brexit, with 87% of parents rating such schemes as ‘incredibly valuable’ to children.

Currently UK children receive subsidised milk through two schemes; the Nursery Milk Scheme, or the EU School Milk Scheme. Funding for the EU School Milk Scheme post-Brexit is still under consideration, and with the Nursery Milk Scheme being consulted on later this year, millions of children may be at risk of missing out on the nutritious milk and dairy products that generations before them received at school.

In reference to the EU School Milk Scheme, Dairy UK has called on the Government to commit to funding a replacement scheme post-Brexit, to ensure British children receive subsidised school milk alongside their European counterparts. It has also cautioned against any move which will affect the number of children receiving milk through the Nursery Milk Scheme.

Commenting, Chief Executive of Dairy UK Dr Judith Bryans said: “Milk is so important to the growth and development of children- just one carton provides calcium, protein, iodine, B vitamins and other vital nutrients. School milk schemes mean that children from all backgrounds can access nutritious foods, like milk. In the light of rising levels of childhood obesity it is paramount that funding for these schemes continues, so that we educate the next generation about healthy food and diets.”

Dairy UK has launched a petition, calling on parents and consumers to join the call to protect the future of the school milk schemes and ensure millions of children continue to have access to affordable nutritious foods at school. The petition can be found here.


Source: Dairy UK

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