Dairy Farmers Star Social Media Music Video "Talk to Me"

Dairy Farmers Star in Social Media Music Video, “Talk to Me”

Racking up nearly 60,000 views and 1,200 shares on Facebook alone, two dairy farmers have taken social media by storm after creating a parody music video titled “Talk to Me.”

Based off of Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line’s hit song “Meant to Be,” the video was created by dairy farmers Jessica Peters of Meadville, Pennsylvania, and Katie Dotterer-Pyle of Union Bridge, Maryland. Both of these advocates own and operate Jersey operations and share their farm’s stories on social media.

Working together, the pair encourages people to ask farmers where their food comes from instead of browsing the internet for an answer. Using the hashtags #TalkToMe and #AskFarmersNotGoogle, the dairy team is hoping to get the conversation rolling between farmers and consumers.

“I use [the hashtag] because listen, I use Google too. Google doesn’t know everything,” says Dotterer-Pyle in an interview with AgDay’s Betsy Jibben. “Google doesn’t milk cows. Google doesn’t take care of cows, we do.”

Showcasing the role social media plays in agricultural advocacy, the video also highlights other dairy farmers who actively share their story on different social media platforms. Throughout the clip, the pair repeatedly sings:

“Cause if you like to eat, then you’ll agree there should be dialogue between you and me. If you do confide, we wouldn’t hide what we do to bring your food to you. So, won’t you talk with me, talk with me. See where this thing goes. Cause if you do, maybe you would start to see the truth more clearly.”

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