Dairy Farmers Ontario looking nutritious delicious recipes 2019 milk calendar

Dairy Farmers of Ontario is looking for nutritious and delicious recipes for their 2019 milk calendar

The Milk Calendar has been a part of Canadian life for 42 years. Distributed free to over a million homes every year, the Milk Calendar has always showcased outstanding nutritious and delicious recipes that have evolved to reflect the changing tastes and cultures of our great country.

In 2019, Dairy Farmers of Ontario will curate and share a collection of outstanding dairy recipes and profile a selection of local culinary talent across the province. The Ontario Dairy Recipe Collection will feature new dairy recipes along with profiles of their creators.

Whether cooking or baking is a vocation or a passion, your original dairy recipe could earn you:

  • A place in the 2019 Canadian Milk Calendar
  • A Grand Prize of $5,000 CDN
  • A gourmet local Canadian cheese basket

Cooking Cartegories

  • Classic Kitchen
    Familiar, accessible Ontario Dairy recipes with a unique twist
  • Frugal Gourmet
    Nutritious, delicious Ontario Dairy recipes on a shoestring
  • Local Fusion
    Exceptional Ontario Dairy dishes infused with other local ingredients

To learn more visit Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s website. 

The contest is open to all Canadians who love to cook, bake and create.



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