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Dairy Farmers in Ontario looking to increase Quota

Dairy Farmers in Ontario hope to create new dairy products and increase consumer demand.

D-F-O board member Ralph Dietrich says that means increasing their quota.

They got a 4 point 5 per cent increase in 2014.

Dietrich says D-F-O’s five year plan is for an average of two per cent a year.

He says they have to make products available in demand by ethnic communities.

Dietrich adds changing scientific opinions towards dairy products is working to their advantage.

“What they used to say 20 years ago dairy products were bad for you that fat was a no-no now it’s exactly the opposite. They’re saying that natural animal fats are a good thing and they’re actually encouraging us as a society to eat more of that.”

Dietrich adds the challenge is always to ensure consumers in the grocery store know when they’re buying Canadian products.

“So we have an emblem, the blue cow so if a consumer sees a blue cow on a dairy product he or she can be assured it’s made with Canadian milk.”

The D-F-O is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Dietrich says there will open houses at select farms throughout Ontario in June.

Dietrich was a guest speaker at Dairy Day at Grey Bruce Farmers Week in Elmwood.


Source: Blackburnnews.com

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