Dairy Farmers Ontario dairy farmers Food Front-Package Nutrition Symbol Consumer Consultation

Dairy Farmers of Ontario encouraging dairy farmers to participate in the Food Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbol Consumer Consultation

The Government of Canada has announced it is launching the Food Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbol Consumer Consultation, inviting Canadians to provide input to help guide the choice of a nutrition symbol for the front of food packages in Canada. 

This labelling has been created to identify foods high in sugar, salt or saturated fat. By exempting whole milk from this proposed policy, Health Canada recognizes the scientific evidence demonstrating the nutritional value of milk as a key contributor to the health of Canadians. However, as currently proposed, many other dairy products rich in essential nutrients will be stigmatized by a warning label that may confuse consumers as to which products are healthy and which are not.

If you have taken part in previous Government of Canada online consultations, including the Canada’s Food Guide consultation, you may have already received an email link to this consultation.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO), together with Dairy Farmers of Canada, is encouraging all Canadian dairy farmers to participate in the Food Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbol Consumer Consultation to ensure Canadians continue to enjoy nutritious dairy products as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Please check DFO’s communications channels, including email, the website and social media, for further communication and guidance on these consultations.

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