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Dairy Farmers of Canada Blue Cow Logo Added to New Lactalis Products

dfc_bluecowlogoDairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) and Lactalis Canada are pleased to announce that DFC’s Blue Cow Logo will now appear on the company’s Khaas Dahi and Khaas Halal and siggi’s yogourt products. Prominently displaying the renowned Blue Cow logo on these popular brands, Lactalis Canada is helping more and more consumers recognize products made with 100% high-quality, nutritious Canadian milk, produced in accordance with some of the most stringent food safety, milk quality, traceability, biosecurity, animal welfare and environmental stewardship standards in the world.

“The Blue Cow is a widely-recognized symbol of dairy farmers’ dedication and pride in producing 100% high-quality Canadian milk, and their high standards in the areas of animal care, food safety, milk quality and sustainable production,” said Pierre Lampron, President of Dairy Farmers of Canada. “We are pleased to further expand our collaboration with Lactalis Canada by adding the logo on their Khaas and siggi’s products, as it speaks to the trust consumers, processors and retailers have in our farmers’ practices.”

“Lactalis Canada is pleased to build on our partnership with Dairy Farmers of Canada with the Blue Cow logo which is widely featured on more than 650 of our milk, cream and cheese products under the Lactantia, Beatrice, Black Diamond, Cracker Barrel, Balderson, P’tit Quebec, Astro, IÖGO, IÖGO nanö, and Olympic brands,” said Mark Taylor, Lactalis Canada President & CEO. “The addition of the Blue Cow Logo on our Khaas and siggi’s brands demonstrates our continued commitment to quality as we serve the growing South Asian, Middle Eastern and North African market in Canada where dairy plays an important in the daily diet and cuisine of consumers.”

In conjunction with the upcoming Diwali festivities, Lactalis Canada will feature the Blue Cow Logo on the company’s digital advertising and in-store (point-of-sale) signage, as well as the first Khaas ethnic yogourt “Helping Make Every Day Special” national television media campaign currently on air. The campaign highlights the versatility and authenticity of Khaas Dahi and Khaas Halal yogourt in everyday cooking so that more Canadians can enjoy the authentic tastes of home.


Provided by Dairy Farmers of Canada

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