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Dairy Direct Payment Program Update

The following information was sent by the Canadian Dairy Commission regarding the latest update of the Dairy Direct Payment Program. 

The letters for the Dairy Direct Payment Program (DDPP) should be mailed to eligible producers by the end of the week (January 15). They will be mailed from the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada mailroom in Winnipeg.

Once they have received their letter, producers will choose to register either on line or using a paper form. In both cases, producers will need the codes indicated in their letter. They should keep this letter in case they want to contact the CDC concerning their program registration later on.

Online registration: The letter to producers will be accompanied by a pamphlet explaining how to register on line. The process is relatively simple and should take approximately 10 minutes if instructions are carefully followed. It is the recommended option.

Registration using a paper form: Producers can print a copy of the paper form on the registration portal or, if they do not have access to the Internet, they can call the Contact Centre at the number indicated in the letter to request a paper form. Once completed, the form will contain personal information and must be returned to the CDC by mail or fax. Email is not a secure way to send personal information. Producers MUST accept the program modalities (check the box), sign, and date the form before sending it to the CDC otherwise, the registration will be incomplete and this will create delays in payment.

Producers will be able to chose to receive their payment either by cheque or by direct deposit.

By cheque: The cheque will be mailed to the same address as the letter, unless the producer makes a correction to the address by contacting his provincial marketing board. A few days are required for cheque issuance and producers should note that the pandemic slows down mail delivery.

By direct deposit: The producer will need to provide his bank account number. Afterwards, the CDC will send a test payment to that account (a few dollars) to make sure there are no errors. The producer will need to confirm the amount of the test payment to the CDC before the CDC can make the final payment. This is a normal procedure applied when the CDC deposits in a bank account for the first time. This procedure will no longer be required in the future years of the program, unless the producer changes his bank account.

Registration deadline: The CDC will accept registrations until March 31, 2021, which is the end of the government fiscal year. The registration period is therefore quite short.

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Contact information:
For more information on the Dairy Direct Payment Program, please contact the program by:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 1-877-246-4682
TTY: 613-773-2600

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Dairy Direct Payment Program (DDPP)
1341 Baseline Road
Tower 7, 7th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 0C5

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