Dairy Cows heading Vietnam help reduce childhood malnourishment

Dairy Cows heading to Vietnam to help reduce childhood malnourishment

More than 2,000 head of dairy cows are headed to Vietnam aboard the Ganado Express, the Port of Olympia announced.

Ganado Express, a livestock ship, is expected to arrive at the port’s marine terminal Sunday. The cows likely will be loaded Monday (April 24) and Tuesday, then the ship is set to depart late Tuesday or Wednesday.

In total, 2,250 dairy cows are expected to be shipped to Vietnam.

This is the second time that cows have been sent to Southeast Asia through the Port of Olympia.

In November 2015, 1,400 dairy cows were sent to Vietnam aboard the livestock carrier Falconia.

Vietnam needs the cows as part of a country goal to reduce childhood malnourishment by providing one glass of milk per child per day, according to the port.

Source: The Olympian

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