Dairy Australia announces winners 2019 Milk Quality Awards

Dairy Australia announces winners of the 2019 Milk Quality Awards

The 2019 winners of Dairy Australia’s Milk Quality Awards have been announced, showcasing dairy farmers in the top 100 and top five per cent nationwide for milk quality, based on bulk milk cell count (BMCC).

The Milk Quality Awards show that Aussie farmers are continuing to deliver high-quality milk and safeguarding the health of their animals.

Watch this short video of Gippsland dairy farmer Leo van den Broek, explaining how producing the best quality milk is one of the most rewarding parts of being a dairy farmer.

Dairy Australia is continuing to support farmers to build the skills of their people on-farm, improve their milk quality and prevent udder infections through world-renowned training courses such as Countdown and Cups On Cups Off.

Dairy farmers can access regular workshops by contacting their local Regional Development Program.

See the full winner list from each region below.

The Top 100 HERE
The Top 5% HERE

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