Culver's gives back Wisconsin Dairy farmers

Culver’s gives back to Wisconsin Dairy farmers

Going and picking up the mail is usually not something we do for enjoyment. As you open up your mailbox typically you are not greeted with uplifting cards or in this day of age, letters from friends and family. Instead, the mailbox is typically full of bills, never ending bills and it can be depressing and frustrating.

“My youngest daughter had me read the card that was included and I couldn’t get through it as the tears started to fall.” -Katie of Derenne Dairy Farms in Duvall, Wisc.

Culvers wanted to change that feeling of dread into a positive, uplifting moment for Wisconsin Dairy Farmers. They recognized that economically things are tough right now for Dairy farmers as they struggle with collapsed milk prices and commodities. They wanted to give back to the very group who helped get them going over thirty years ago, Wisconsin Dairy Farmers.

Culver’s is a restaurant franchise that is located in 24 states across the United States. Since 2017, more than 650 Wisconsin dairy farms have gone out of business. Culver’s wanted to create a way that would allow their guests to do something to help. While they can’t change the outcome of the current milk prices, they could try and make someone’s day just a little bit brighter. They asked their guests to go online and nominate a Wisconsin Dairy farm and Culver’s would send them a care package. The care packages included gift cards for the farms to enjoy a meal on Culver’s as a way to say ‘Thank you.’ The care packages were received by 800 Wisconsin Dairy Farms.

Katie of Derenne Dairy Farms in Duvall, Wisc, was one of the farms that received the care package from Culvers.

“Bill paying day on our farm is never any fun. The little bit of milk check we have left after paying all of the ever-increasing bills is heart wrenching. This month as I put the paid bills in the mailbox, I saw the Culver’s envelope. I had heard they were sending out care packages, but didn’t think twice about us receiving one. My youngest daughter had me read the card that was included and I couldn’t get through it as the tears started to fall. My heart was full and I felt like I could burst. A company that has never personally met myself, my family, or been on our farm, sent us 10 free sundaes, 10 free meals and a $100 gift card along with a beautifully written thank you note. Culvers showed their love and compassion for us Dairy Farmers during a very dark time in the industry, for that we are forever grateful.”

“Getting the gift from Culver’s means the world to us!” – Jody Lynn of Miller Time Farms in Avoca, Wisc.

Culvers told Cowsmopolitan Dairy Magazine, “We have long believed in the importance of supporting our neighbours-especially when they’re going through a difficult time. That is why Culver’s set out to allow our guests to do something special for Wisconsin Dairy farmers. “

Jody Lynn of Miller Time Farms in Avoca, Wisc., also received this thoughtful gift from Culver’s.

“Getting the gift from Culver’s means the world to us! It is incredibly depressing these days on the farm and a struggle to stay positive. We work hard every day and financially it is so hard. Honestly, getting the mail isn’t so much fun, as it is usually just bills! So needless to say, I was dang near jumping up and down with excitement when I saw the Culver’s envelope. I was so happy and it made us feel so good that someone out there thought about us! It is so wonderful that Culver’s did this. This gift was awesome and it feels so great to be appreciated.”

Farmers from across the state of Wisconsin have taken to social media thanking Culver’s after receiving their care package. While the nomination period has now ended, Culver’s will continue to look for ways to support the farmers who helped Culver’s get their start three decades ago.


Written by Melissa Lesy



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