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CRV USA continues to deliver solutions through Genetics for Easy-to manage herds

CRV USA is excited to announce strong sire lineups for both the Holstein and Jersey breeds—continuing to deliver genetic solutions for producers to build better cows for a better life.

Focusing on building healthier herds, driving efficient production, and producing premium milk, CRV is helping dairy producers improve their operation and assisting them with getting to the next level of success.

“I am very excited for the year ahead of us,” said Amy VanderMark, CRV USA Managing Director. “Our team is dedicated, now more than ever, to delivering breeding and management solutions to our customers that they simply cannot find anywhere else—and ultimately lightening their workload and increasing their profitability. We have the right team in place, the most data, the right genetics, and the most passion you will find in the industry—and we’re committed to being your long-term, complete-solutions genetics partner.”

BUILDING HEALTHIER HERDS Using Better Life Health, we will help our customers breed healthier, fertile, and longer lasting cows. The CRV lineup for Better Life Health is better than ever at 5 percent—making reducing mastitis, preventing lameness, and improving fertility easier than ever.

 New sire 097HO41786 DIRK, is a health leader at 7 percent Better Life Health. He is great for the heifer pen at 6.1 SCE and will make healthy, trouble-free daughters with values of 103 for Hoof Health and Ketosis.  Another new sire, 097HO41812 GOLD MEDAL, is worthy of his name with his 7 percent score for Better Life Health. He is an elite sire of HerdBuilder Traits Udder Health (106) and Hoof Health (103).   Current sires 097HO41722 FINN and 097HO41721 SOLAR, are also leaders for Better Life Health. FINN is an exceptional 110 for Udder Health and 106 for Hoof Health—as well as a 2.63 Somatic Cell Score. Solar is another health specialist at 6.7 SCE and 107 for Udder Health.

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 DRIVING EFFICIENT PRODUCTION Using Better Life Efficiency, we will help producers breed more efficient and profitable herds. The CRV lineup averages an extreme ten percent for Better Life Efficiency—moderating stature, improving feed to milk conversion, and increasing longevity.

 A new addition to the CRV lineup, 097HO41811 FANNING, is among the leaders for Better Life Efficiency at 12 percent. His 125 pounds of CFP combined with high fat (+0.13%) and protein (+0.05%) and moderate body size allow him to excel in efficient production of premium milk.   Current sire, 097HO41793 NOVEL, is a model of efficiency with 1946 pounds of Milk, 146 pounds CFP, and negative stature. These traits combined with his 108 for Lactation Persistency allow him to come in at 12 percent for Better Life Efficiency.

PRODUCING PREMIUM MILK Using CRV proprietary milk component traits, we will help dairy farmers breed cows that produce more valuable milk. In uncertain milk market trends, CRV can help you make your milk more valuable and increase you milk check without growing your herd.

 New this April, 097HO41864 TRACE is a great example of a premium milk sire with his high percentages of fat (+0.07%) and protein (+0.05%), and A2A2. He combines these excellent premium milk traits with low stature and a 5.5 SCE also making him a great option for the heifer pen.   Current bulls, 097HO41773 BECKHAM and 097HO41774 HOTLINE, continue to be great sires of premium milk as well. Beckham combines over 1500 pounds of milk with big components to come in at 140 pounds CFP. Hotline, along with his excellent SCE of 6.3, provides great solids percentages of +0.17% Fat and +0.07% Protein.

PRECISION BREEDING FOR A BETTER HERD Another way CRV is helping add value to our customers’ milk and building better herds is through HerdOptimizer—a precision genetic management program. Launched at World Dairy Expo in October 2016, HerdOptimizer combines genomic testing, customized breeding goals, careful trait selection, easy-to-use test results, and breeding recommendations to deliver faster and more reliable herd improvement. This elite genomic herd management program is for any producer looking to easily customize their breeding goals—no matter what they may be.

Not only does HerdOptimizer capture traditional U.S. dairy genomic traits, it also delivers results on more than 20 proprietary CRV HerdBuilder Traits such as breeding values related to hoof health, udder health, premium milk components, fertility and efficiency. As you look at CRV’s lineups and browse our sire directories, look for the HerdBuilder Traits for each bull indicated in blue boxes.

 To learn more about our lineups and how CRV can help you build better cows for a better life, visit our directories linked below or contact a CRV Genetic Consultant today at 1-855-CRVCOWS.

Holstein Directory here 
Jersey Directory here

About CRV CRV is a leading, customer focused cattle improvement organization fully committed to adding value for our farmers. With facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg, South Africa, Brazil, the United States, the Czech Republic and Spain, CRV sells semen in more than 60 countries. CRV’s U.S. office in Madison, Wisconsin, was established in 2009, and our team delivers solutions that support farmers in building more profitable and efficient herds.  


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