CRV lineups offer genetics proven build healthier, efficent profitable cows

CRV lineups offer genetics proven to build healthier, efficent and more profitable cows

CRV USA is excited to release strong lineups for both the Holstein and Jersey
breeds—delivering on our promise to help producers build better cows for a better life. For several years, CRV USA has helped customers truly focus on ways to make their operation more profitable: building healthier herds, driving efficient production, and producing premium milk. That focus continues today and is further underscored with the release of a new CRV proprietary HerdBuilder trait—Casein Percent.

Casein Percent is a progeny’s expected percent of casein in protein—where the higher the value, the higher percentage of casein per pound of milk and the more valuable the milk is for cheesemakers. Most of protein in milk is casein and casein is made up of several sub-proteins, each with their own functionality. The two most commonly referred to are Beta Casein, or A2 milk, and Kappa Casein. Beta Casein is associated with greater digestibility for individuals who are intolerant to dairy products. Kappa Casein is highly correlated with the milk’s ability to clot and form curds—essential in the cheese making process.

CRV’s Casein Percent trait has been built upon years of research from more than 14.5 million test results from over 1.3 million cows on more than 14,000 herds—and is another tool producers can use to increase the value of their milk. Look for Beta Casein and Kappa Casein values on all the CRV bulls, and Casein Percents on all CRV U.S. and Dutch Holsteins. To learn more about casein and this newly-release trait, visit our recent blog about premium milk.

“This is one of the most exciting sire evaluations our team has seen,” said Amy VanderMark, CRV USA Managing Director. “Our Jersey and Holstein lineups continue to offer our customers countless options to breed for healthy cows that produce the highest-value milk most efficiently. Plus, CRV continues to be ahead of the premium milk trend with the release of our Casein Percent trait. This trait is yet another tool in the toolbelts for dairymen across the country looking for ways to increase the profitability of their operation.”

Using Better Life Health, CRV continues to help customers breed healthier, fertile, and longer lasting cows. The CRV lineup for Better Life Health is better than ever at 5 percent—reducing mastitis, preventing lameness, and improving fertility.

  • Proven sire, 097HO40889 Danno, continues to excel as a health trait sire with a 9% for Better Life Health. He has outstanding scores for Hoof Health (106), Udder Health (107), and Ketosis (107). He is also healthy for the calving pen at 6.7 Sire Calving Ease.
  • A Jersey leader for health is proven bull 097JE00050 Barksdale with a score of 11% for Better Life Health. He has one of the most outstanding values for Productive Life in the Jersey breed at 8.1 and extremely healthy udders with a Somatic Cell Score of 2.67.
  • New Jersey bull, 097JE00163 Corona, also is a great bull for health—especially
    daughter fertility. He is +1.2 for Daughter Pregnancy Rate and produces longevity at 6.9 Productive Life. These values give him a Better Life Health score of 10% with a
    balanced profile.

Using Better Life Efficiency, CRV continues to help producers breed more efficient and profitable herds. The CRV lineup averages an extreme ten percent for Better Life Efficiency—moderating stature, improving feed to milk conversion, and increasing longevity.

  • New bull, 097HO41780 Esperanto, is an excellent sire for efficiency at 15% along with
    being the number one NVI sire in the world at 425. The daughters will be long-lasting
    producers of high-quality milk with moderate feed intake.
  • 097HO41793 Novel is another great example of an efficiency sire at 15% Better Life
    Efficiency. He has very moderate feed intake with a production value of 142 pounds of
    CFP. Novel also excels in his production efficiency with a Casein Percent of 78.
    Daughters are extremely moderate sized with a stature of 0.14.
  • 097HO41865 Barkley, a new Holstein sire to the lineup, is also a leader at 13% Better
    Life Efficiency. He’s an excellent producer of premium milk and carries his efficiency into the calving pen at 5.2 Sire Calving Ease. Barkley is also negative for stature and positive for strength.

Using milk component and CRV proprietary HerdBuilder traits, we continue to help dairy farmers breed cows that produce more valuable milk. In uncertain milk market trends, CRV can help farmers make their milk more valuable and increase their milk checks without growing your herds.

  • Dutch Holstein and new release, 097HO41781 Jethro, is the definition of premium milk. He has exceptional component percentages of +0.50% Fat and +0.23% Protein on the Dutch base—with over 70 kilograms Fat. Additionally, he is also BB for Kappa Casein, A2A2 for Beta Casein, and has an excellent Casein Percent of 75.
  • 097HO41830 Audible, is the new Holstein leader on the CRV lineup for CFP at 175
    pounds. He is 108 pounds of Fat with a Fat Percentage of +0.16% and is $912 Cheese
    Merit. He is doing this all from a moderate sized cow with his 0.50 value for stature.
  • 097JE00151 Strike is a great Jersey option for cheese markets. He is nearly 125 pounds CFP with very positive percentages of +0.19% Fat an +0.08% Protein. Along with these excellent volumes and percentages, Strike is also BB for Kappa Casein and A2A2 for Beta Casein.
  • 097HO41117 Landon continues to be a fantastic premium milk option. He is at 71 pounds of protein and 77% for his Casein Percent. In addition to his great component profile, Landon is now 4.9 for SCE and is a breed leader for production among calving ease bulls as the only bull over 70 pounds of protein and under 5 for SCE.

To learn more about our lineups, the newly-released Casein Percent trait, and how CRV can help you build BETTER COWS FOR A BETTER LIFE, check out our directories and the links below or contact a CRV Genetic Consultant today at 1-855-CRV-COWS.

About CRV
CRV is a leading, customer focused cattle improvement organization fully committed to adding value for our farmers. With facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg, South Africa, Brazil, the United States, the Czech Republic and Spain, CRV sells semen in more than 60 countries. CRV’s U.S. office in Madison, Wisconsin, was established in 2009, and our team delivers solutions that support farmers in building more profitable and efficient herds.     

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