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Cowsmo’s Proof week coverage

Click HERE to view Cowsmo’s Proof week coverage! More lists will be added as they become available. 

Highlights so far include:

Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer (EX-92), grandam of Surge *RC
Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer (EX-92), grandam of Surge *RC

Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET remains #1 at +2839 GTPI, remaining the only proven sire over +2800GTPI. With over 1200 milking daughters and 500 classified daughters, his proof remains strong at +1777M +145CFP +967NM +1.95T. He has 300 daughters over +2711 GTPI and 66 sons over +2700 GTPI.

Walnutlawn Surge *RC is the top PTAT Red/RC sire at +3.95T (+3.37UDC +2.18FLC). He’s an Avalanche x VG-85 Alta5G x Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer (EX-92), sister to Solomon and former No. 1 Conformation cow in Canada. Next 11 dams are all VG/EX from the Glen Drummond Splendor family.

Oh-River-Syc Byway-ET is the new Proven Type leader for December 2017 at +3.70T (+3.56UDC +1.47FLC). He’s a Meridian x EX-91 Atwood x EX-91 Shottle from EX-92 Barbie. His highest Type daughter is Siemers Byway Cool-Whip at +4.26T (Byway x VG-86 Doorman x EX-91 Sid x EX-94 Sanchez).

Larcrest Commander-ET leads the way in the December 2017 – Holstein Canada Top LPI Bulls list at +3381LPI (#4 Pro$). Jumping up one spot from August, he’s just one of the 17 Mogul sons in the Top 100 Proven Sires list. Mogul also leads the way with 20 sons in the Newly Proven list. Commander’s dam is an Observer (died at calving) x Larcrest Crimson-ET (EX-94 GMD DOM).

CDF Viceroy-ET leads the way for US Jersey JPI at +198JPI. He’s a Dominican x VG-86 Impuls x EX-90 Paramount x EX-90 Abe.

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