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Cowsmo Looking to Expand their Sales Force!

Cowsmopolitan All-Breeds Dairy Magazine is seeking an aggressive sales person to head up ALL advertising & subscription sales for both in print and online advertising in the Mid West and Eastern United States and Ontario. This area would include ALL states east of and including North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas as well as the province of Ontario, Canada.

This realignment will have Janice Baginski continuing to cover the Western states for both advertising sales and coverage as well as maintaining her current responsibilities with Cowsmo’s website.

This new role would include covering events, taking photos, posting results and reports on the website while promoting Cowsmo in the Mid-West USA. There also will be the opportunity to cover some events in Eastern USA.

This successful candidate would also be responsible for updating Breeder websites on a regular basis and the Cowsmo website on a per needed basis. This individual will also be working constantly with social media (Facebook and Twitter). Experience in sales, photography and social media would be an asset. Experience in word press and some writing experience would be also be an asset but not necessary.

The ideal candidate should be organized and self motivated.  They would excel in working independently and would have strong communication skills.  These attributes along with aggressive sales skills with the ability to feel comfortable making cold calls are a MUST. This position would be part time involving both commission (advertising) and hourly wages (events and website).

Deadline for applications: June 17, 2014
For more details contact: Lexi Wright 403-862-5600 or email [email protected]

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