CowManager creates interface with Cattle Information Service (CIS)

CowManager creates interface with Cattle Information Service (CIS)

CowManager, the leading cow monitoring company, announces the interface of their system with Cattle Information Service – CIS herd management in the United Kingdom. This new interface is one of many CowManager has with management systems all over the world. The CowManager system uses the data from CIS to ensure more detailed alerts about a cow’s health, fertility and nutrition status.

The interface gives dairy farmers the opportunity to see their cow data simultaneously in both systems, which provide very accurate information about cows 24/7. All information received from CIS (e.g. birth date, insemination date, pregnancy test) and CowManager (e.g. rumination, activity, temperature) is considered when calculating alerts about a cow’s performance. More information means more detailed alerts and an overall better-informed decision process.

CowManager customer George Booth explains: “The CowManager system is a great tool, it is a big support for us helping catching cows on heat. Conception rates are up and calving index is coming down. When we started using CowManager, we had to double enter information into both CowManager and CIS herd management, but now they are interfacing with each other our work is a lot simpler. We put all our information on the CIS phone app which is synced with CowManager twice a day, so we receive really accurate information. It saves us a lot of time having all information in one overview.”

Gerard Griffioen, founder of CowManager, adds: “We are very happy to add CIS to our extensive list of interfaces with management systems. As the United Kingdom is an important and growing market for CowManager, we saw the need to communicate with CIS. This interface gives our customers more detailed information about their herd, which supports them in making well considered decisions. Besides supporting our customers in the UK better, it also opens new doors and we are looking forward to expanding in this country.”

About CowManager 

CowManager develops and produces innovative cow-monitoring solutions to improve productivity and profitability of the modern dairy farm. Thousands of dairymen in over 30 countries rely on CowManager’s easy-to-install, user-friendly ear sensor system for an accurate understanding of their cows’ fertility, health and nutrition status. CowManager has revolutionized the world of cow management systems with groundbreaking innovations and has invented the active ear tag technology, based on generations of knowledge, science and the drive to improve every day. CowManager is available all over the world, distributed and supported by a growing number of dealers.

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About The Cattle Information Service (CIS)

The Cattle Information Service (CIS) offers a range of services providing data to make informed decisions about current and future herd performance. Involving all the leading cattle organisations, the objective is to improve standards of service, accuracy and value throughout all herd management information practices focused on breeding, health, management, profit and service. Find out more:

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