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Cougar Kills Dairy Cow in Washington

A cougar killed a dairy cow in Whatcom County, Wash., over the weekend in a rare instance of a cougar attack on livestock.

The Bellingham Herald reports the cow was found dead on Saturday with bite marks on its hide at a small dairy farm west of Ferndale.

State Fish & Wildlife Sgt. Brian Fairbanks says the isolated attack is puzzling for a few reason. Cougar attacks are rare in the region, but it’s very unusual to have an attack west of Interstate 5.

This is only the second time in his 15 year career in wildlife law enforcement that Fairbanks has seen a full-grown cow killed by a cougar.

Just in case the cat continues to prowl the area, Fish & Wildlife officers have set up a large spring-loaded cougar trap. They will relocate the animal if it sticks around.

Source:  Associated Press


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