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Cotran Corporation Introduces a new line of Calf Bottles and Nipples

Cotran Corporation is launching the BESS product line, a complete assortment of calf nursing bottles, buckets, and no leak long lasting calf nipples.

Cotran Corporation is introducing a new line of nursing bottles that are ergonomically designed for ease of handling. Round shape allows easier and faster cleaning compared to square bottles. Bottles are available in 2, 3, and 4 quarts and are made from high-density polyethylene. Available for Snap-on or Screw-on nipples. Newly developed bottle holder fits all three sizes. A swing arm clips firmly around the waist of the bottle eliminating knockouts.

BESS bottles are accompanied by new no-leak long lasting nipples. These innovative nipples made from high quality synthetic rubber are fitted with a patent-pending system incorporating a membrane insert and hole at the tip of the nipple that prevents tearing and controls milk flow. Only the sucking motion of the calf will allow milk to flow. In addition to red and pink nipples, a clear nipple is available which allows the user to see the flow of milk and helps with the cleaning of the nipple.

“The goal is to offer a complete line of nursing bottles with improved ergonomics. Especially people with smaller hands will appreciate the design of the BESS bottles. The new design makes leaking nipples finally a thing of the past and in addition customers will be able to control flow by choosing the size of the hole” says Bertrand Dumont, President at Cotran Corporation.

The line will also include a newly designed nursing bucket. The BESS Bucket has a 5-qt capacity which makes it lighter and easier to handle. A unique step design makes accurate measuring highly visible. It is used with the same no-leak nipple and insert as the BESS screw-on bottles. Our bracket system securely fixing the bucket preventing knockouts and spillage. The bucket reduces milk waste and ensures full feedings.

The BESS line will be available in February 2019 from many Animal Health distributors and dealers.

Cotran Corporation develops and manufactures for animal health and welfare products. With over 20 years of experience, Cotran offers complete lines of veterinary instruments and livestock supplies. Well- known brands include SHARPVET, SHARPMARK, SHARPSHOCK, DURATEK, among others.

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A brochure of the product can also be found here: BESS Brochure

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