Consistent results at Grand-View Ayrshires

Consistent results at Grand-View Ayrshires

Grand-View Ayrshires in Cecil, WI had the classifier out last week and they once again had some exciting and consistent results!

Classification Highlights

  • Grand-View Burdette Debra-ET EX-91 is now 2E and her daughter
    Grand-View Predator Deluge VG-86
  • Grand-View Riggins DewDew EX-90
  • Grand-View Dempsey Blackberry EX-91 (max score) EX-91MS
  • Grand-View Predator Radio VG-88 EX-90MS

Grand-View Conn Rain EX-90 daughters:

  • Grand-View Dempsey Ray VG-88 EX-90MS
  • Grand-View Napier Rainy-ET VG-87

Grand-View BBBK Dreamer EX-94-5E

Dreamer Daughters:

  • Grand-View Calimero Dea-ET EX-91 is now 3E
  • Grand-View Calimero Dilemma-ET VG-86

Daughters of Grand-View Sumtotal Divot EX-94-4E:

  • Grand-View Reality Dailey-ET EX-92 EX-93MS
  • Grand-View Burdette Deciduous EX-90 EX-90MS
  • Grand-View Dreamer Davy-ET EX-90 EX-90MS
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