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Conception Innovates and Launches a New Milk Pregnancy Test, the DG Lait/Milk

The company Conception is proud to announce the launch of its new product, the DG-Lait/Milk®, a bovine milk pregnancy test producers can use at their convenience starting on the 28th day after breeding. With this new pregnancy test DG-Lait/Milk®, Conception offers dairy farmers the opportunity to assess the pregnancy status of their cows efficiently, simply by taking a milk sample during any milking session. Milk sample analysis is done in Conception’s laboratory at Beaumont, Quebec. Results are transmitted to the producer by email or fax on the day samples get to the laboratory, i.e. within 24 to 48 hours after sampling.

Efficacy of the pregnancy test DG-Lait/Milk® to identify open cows is close to 100% starting on the 28th day after breeding. This gives producers the ability to submit non-pregnant cows to a strategy for rapidly returning them to AI. The use of pregnancy test DG-Lait/Milk® enables producers to improve the reproductive performance of their herds by significantly reducing the number of open days. According to several studies, the economic impact of reducing each open day is about $ 5 per cow.

Conception’s Founder and President, Paul Rouillier, emphasizes the practical benefits of using the new milk pregnancy test. “The main advantages of using the pregnancy test DG-Lait/Milk® lie in the simplicity and ease of sample collection during any milking session and daily availability of the test, a feature of economical significance for the producer.” He adds, “producers can now choose Conception’s products that best fit their management practices for pregnancy testing with the DG-Lait/Milk® (cows) and the blood pregnancy test DG29® (cows and heifers).”

The pregnancy test DG-Lait/Milk® is offered to dairy producers as a turn-key solution. Conception provides all sampling and shipping materials for milk sample collection and transport to the laboratory upon purchase of DG-Lait/Milk® pregnancy test kits. Producers thus have the flexibility to do pregnancy checks at the time of their choosing. The pregnancy test DG-Lait/Milk® is offered as 12, 24, 48 and 96 test kits.

Founded in 2002, Conception is recognized as an innovative company in the field of bovine reproduction. Conception was the first company in the world to commercialize a blood pregnancy test, the well-known DG29®. More than 3500 dairy and beef producers are using the DG29® blood pregnancy test in Canada. Conception, through its partners, also markets these pregnancy tests in the United States and several countries in Europe and Asia.DG-Lait-Milk

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