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Complexity & Dairy MAX Demonstrate Importance of Nutrition for Gamers

Forging valuable partnerships to grow trust with consumers to drive sales has always been a priority for Dairy MAX. In early 2021, Dairy MAX was named the Official Nutrition Partner of Complexity Gaming, one of North America’s most elite and longest-standing esports organizations. This partnership is centered around connecting with Generation Z to grow trust in dairy and drive sales among a young age group.

Connecting with youth who play esports is a way to engage students who may not participate in traditional school sports, giving Dairy MAX a unique platform and opportunity to reach a new audience. Growing up, Gen Z has always known a world with the internet, so it is no surprise that 90% of the Gen Z audience games. Gen Z, comprised of those born from 1997 to 2012, makes up more than 20% of the population and according to Forbes has a direct and indirect spending power near $143 billion.

“Partnering with Complexity Gaming provides Dairy MAX with an extremely unique and valuable opportunity to meet young consumers in a non-traditional way. Through our partnership with Complexity and their athletes, who are influencers to their followers, we are able to elevate proper nutrition including dairy as a key factor in player performance,” said Marty McKinzie, vice president industry image and relations.

Most recently, Dairy MAX and Complexity Gaming hosted a nutrition challenge focused on evaluating nutrition’s impact on athletes’ gameplay, energy levels, and overall mood. Through the challenge, which was shared on Complexity’s and participating athlete’s social media channels, participants completed a series of skill tests consuming their usual breakfast, which ranged from a bottle of water to a breakfast sandwich. The same athletes completed the same challenges the next day, but first enjoyed a healthy-balanced dairy focused meal recommended by a Dairy MAX dietitian.

The athletes that participated in the challenge each have large social media followings on Instagram, Twitter and Twitch, an online gaming streaming platform. These Complexity athletes influence their followers’ actions both on and off gaming platforms. On day two of the challenge, Complexity athlete Electra enjoyed a nutrient-packed meal of yogurt parfait with berries and a cappuccino with milk. When asked how she felt following day two, Electra shared, “I played a lot better…I am almost positive I scored higher in every single category.”

The followers who viewed this challenge have been inspired to add dairy to their diets to see if it improves game performance. Christina, one of the followers that viewed the nutrition challenge video said “Love this [challenge]! Trying my test later today.”

Complexity’s impressive roster of athletes and streamers gives Dairy MAX access to influencers in the esports space to reach Gen Z and share the importance of proper nutrition inclusive of dairy, building healthy habits, and promoting overall well-being.

To learn more about Dairy MAX and their partnership with Complexity Gaming visit here. 


Source: Dairy Max

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