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When it comes to feed, cows ought to go Dutch

CRV continues to lead way in genetics for a better bottom line, with the launch of two new exclusive feed efficiency traits this August 2018.
In addition, CRV USA adds a strong list of new additions to their Holstein and Jersey lineup with the #1,2 and 3 highest ranking bulls for NVI and multiple sire of sons, including the #7 ranking bull for CFP. With these bulls, CRV remains committed to deliver premium genetics for premium milk, health, and efficiency.


Breeding for Feed Efficiency

CRV USA is excited to introduce two new traits that will allow dairy producers to directly improve their bottom line by keeping up production with less feed. Differences in metabolism lead to large variation in how much feed animals consume. Thirty percent of this variation is due to genetics, allowing to breed for a more efficient animal and saving you as much as $90 per cow per lactation. The two new revolutionary traits: Saved Feed for Maintenance (SFM) and Saved Feed Costs for Maintenance ($SFCM) will help farmers to get more milk out of their feed. Breeding for feed efficiency is easy. A positive SFM and $SFCM will save dollars on feed costs per lactation and thereby improve herd profitability.

597HO42012 Draftking




  • 097HO42039 AMPLUS is a new exceptionally efficient and well-balanced outcross sire. He amplifies the value of efficiency with his extraordinary value of 19% for Better Life Efficiency and a tremendous value of $60 Feed Cost Saved for Maintenance. This Lylas son out of a Monterey is great for the heifer pens at 5.8 SCE and performs extremely well for production and health as well, being 141 pounds CFP, +3.0 DPR and 2775 GTPI.
  • 597HO42012 DRAFTKING and 597HO42071 LANGLEY are two new stars in the lineup currently available exclusively in SiryX sorted semen. Langley is the #7 active bull in the breed for CFP at 191 pounds. He complements this exceptional value with great SCE of 6.2 and positive fertility of +1.3 DPR. Draftking is a superior Bourbon son with over 160 pounds CFP, +2.2 for DPR and has great udder conformation at +2.30. He excels in his health traits at 106 for Udder Health, and a 6% score for Better Life Health.
  • Three new young bulls join the Dutch Holstein lineup. 097HO41819 LOCKER, 097HO41897 RELOADER and 097HO41882 TREASURE lead the NVI list for the Black and White Holstein, guaranteeing premium milk and excellent health. Locker daughters consume less feed, 70 $SFCM, while maintaining good milk production, saving money for your dairy.


  • 097JE00177 ARRIVE {3} has a rare and unique pedigree being an Uncle Luke son out of a Mackenzie Dam. Arrive has an incredible 675 CM$ with impressive 2.0 PTAT, +23.5 JUI and a DPR of +2.1, making Arrive a top Sire of Sons for CRV USA.
  • 097JE00172 DIE-HARD {3} and 097JE00170 WILDCAT {5} both hail from a pair of full sisters. Die-Hard is an impressive udder improver and health trait improver being +29.4 JUI and +1.9 DPR. A great bull to use back on the high CFP bloodlines that are prominent in the heifer pens today. Wildcat is the high CFP cousin to Die-Hard. Wildcat is A2A2 and BB with an impressive +81 pounds of Fat and +50 Pounds of Protein and still has a great PL of +4.2.
  • 097JE00176 PRIMAL is a unique bull to the Industry. Primal is a combination of the Primero bull known for PTAT and Health traits crossed back on a well-known NTM Champion Show cow from Denmark. This combination makes Primal an outcross to every registered Jersey Population around the world. Primal is +2 DPR, +26.2 JUI and +1.7% Fat which comes from his Dam who ran a 6.3% Fat Test.




  • Heat up your breeding program with 097HO41949 JACUZZI RED. He is the perfect choice to improve the kg’s of fat and protein production. His daughters are incredibly efficient by producing pails full of milk (2307 kg) and saving lots of feed costs (64 $SFCM). They are attractive with high type (110) and great udder conformation (111).
  • 097HO41961 STENTOR PP RED is the new homozygous polled bull that is a great addition to our lineup. His daughters are hornless beauties with great type (109) and udder conformation (110) and produce plenty of milk with low somatic cell counts (113).


  • 097FL57697 HERMELIN is the number one bull in our portfolio for combined fat and protein (101 CFP). Also holding the number one position for milk index (136 MI) making him a very efficient producer (9% Better Life Efficiency). He inherits well attached strong udders (113) and his calves are extremely vital (109).
  • Outcross 097FL90748 HAZARI (Herz x Royal) has it all! His daughters are not only healthy producers (6% Better Life Health, 113 Udder Health) but are also very fertile (112 Fertility). They keep on producing lactation after lactation with a longevity of 123 and a persistency of 124. This makes him an efficient bull to use in your herd (9% Better Life Efficiency).

To learn more about our lineups, our new feed efficiency traits, and how CRV can help you build BETTER COWS FOR A BETTER LIFE, check out our directories and the links below or contact a CRV Genetic Consultant today at 1-855-CRV-COWS.

About CRV
CRV is a leading, customer focused cattle improvement organization fully committed to adding value for our farmers. With facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg, South Africa, Brazil, the United States, the Czech Republic and Spain, CRV sells semen in more than 60 countries. CRV’s U.S. office in Madison, Wisconsin, was established in 2009, and our team delivers solutions that support farmers in building more profitable and efficient herds.

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