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Cogent’s ‘sell-out’ outcross bull comes back on to the market

Outcross sires are like gold-dust in the modern Holstein population and one that also brings almost three points for PTA Type, superb daughter health and fertility, a high weight of fat and positive fat and protein percentages is rare indeed.

CampogalloAactiveGaia2 Dam of Goodwhone
Goodwhone’s dam, Campogallo Gaia VG86 2yr

But these are the credentials of TW Goodwhone (Mogul x Active x Laudan), one of Cogent’s hottest young genomic sires whose first release of semen sold out in a day!

Holstein breeders were keen to snap up this bull to increase the genetic diversity of their herds, where he will complement a wide range of bloodlines, including the Shottles and Goldwyns which are widespread in the UK today.

Goodwhone’s sire is the renowned Mountfield SSI DCY Mogul whose early progeny are already beginning to exceed expectations, while his dam is Campogallo Gaia VG86 2yr, one of the leading daughters of Alpag Iron Active in Europe ranked on genomic TPI.

“Cogent was very keen to contract this cow as we, and many others, consider her to be one of the best outcross cows in Europe,” says Owain Harries, sire analyst from the UK breeding company.

Details of Goodwhone’s December 2013 index on a UK base include 400kg milk, 29.2kg (+0.16%) fat, 18.9kg (+0.07%) protein, Lifespan Index +0.4, Fertility Index +4.4, calving ease +1.4%, Somatic Cell Count Index -17, PTAT 2.99 and a Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) of £242.

Daughters are expected to be just above breed average for stature with tidy, well-attached udders being especially high in the rear udder (+3.24), wide rumps and good legs and feet. They would fit into a variety of management systems.

On the US base, Goodwhone clocks in with an impressive 2357 GTPI, $779 Net Merit, complemented by a favourable + 5.7 for Productive Life and a +1.8 DPR.  On the type side, Goodwhone’s US PTAT is +2.72 and +2.80 for udders, excelling for rear udder height (+4.19) and rear udder width (+3.85).

“A bull with an outcross pedigree such as this will be a useful addition to any producer’s breeding programme and the more we see daughters of his sire, Mogul – who look well-balanced individuals with scope for plenty of longevity – the more we rate his prospects. Mogul has also been an important bull breeder amongst studs around the world and his sons are now starting to dominate international rankings for type, production and health,” he says.

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