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Cogent Twist becomes number one UK proven sire in December proof run

Cogent Twist has continued his climb through the rankings to become the new number one UK-proven sire in the DairyCo proof run, published this week.

Ranked on Profitable Lifetime Index, Twist – who is one of the leading Shottle sons in the world – is not only the number one UK bull but also boasts the highest number of UK daughter lactations contributing to his index of all the top 50 bulls.

His production proof includes a remarkable 39.9kg fat, the highest of any bull available from the UK, helping to make him one of the most profitable sires for a farmer to use in his herd.

Twist combines his PLI of £229 with hard-wearing daughter type traits including dairy strength, width and body depth. This gives his daughters a robustness to help them cope with the rigours of life on a modern farm. They combine this with exceptional fitness, most notably low cell counts, long lifespans and good calving ease.

“We’re delighted Twist has risen to the number five position of all UK and international sires published in the UK, and has also become the new number one UK-proven sire,” says Cogent export manager Gerbrich Andringa.
“His reliability at 95 per cent is amongst the best of all bulls on the ranking and gives users added confidence that his daughters will perform as predicted.”

With the further bonus of sexed semen availability – the only top 10 bull to be offered this way – he brings a far greater chance of producing a heifer calf than any other leading bull.

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