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CME Milk Futures and Cash Dairy Prices Up

Milk futures and cash dairy prices were all up on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Monday.

March Class III milk was up $.06 at $22.61.  April closed up $.29 at $23.97.  May closed up $.48 at $24.10.  June was up $.47 at $23.91.  July through February contracts ranged from eleven to thirty-four cents higher with the biggest gains between July and September.

Dry whey was unchanged at $0.7575.  No sales were recorded.

Cheese Blocks were up $.0125 closing at $2.16.  Three sales were recorded between $2.1550 and $2.1625.

Cheese Barrels were $.0575 higher, closing at $2.0275. Seven sales were recorded ranging from $2.00 to $2.0275.

Butter was up $.0375 to $2.7225.  Six sales were made ranging from $2.6875 to $2.7250.

Nonfat dry milk was down $.01 closing at $1.8625.  Two sales were recorded at $1.86 and $1.8625.

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