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Clifton “Cliff” Berry Obituary

Everyone at Cowsmo would like to send our deepest sympathy’s to the family and friends of Cliff. 

At the Lachute Residence, on Sunday October 24th 2021, at the age of 87. Beloved husband in first marriage of the late Patricia Ménard and in second marriage of Mrs. Françoise Lafleur. Predeceased by his son Brian (Anne Nielson), loving father to Keith (Colleen Stanley) and Derek (Lee Ann Broomfield), Carol and Ann. Cherished grandfather to Samantha, Madison, Brittany, Sheena, Rhys, Caroline, Jessica, Chloé, Nicolas, Malcolm and Terence. He also leaves behind his sister, Mrs. Elaine Fuller, his brothers-in-law and sisters-in law, nephews and nieces and many friends. The funeral service will be held in the chapel on Sunday November 7th at 2:00 pm. The family will be present at the complex at 12:00 to receive your condolences.

At the family request, donations in his memory to the Lachute Residence or to the Alzheimer’s Society would be greatly appreciated. (Forms available at the complex).

Words from longtime friend Russell Gammon:

“It is always great in life when one of your mentors is always in your corner and has your back…even when you get off the rails and screw up, sometimes badly. Cliff sure championed my cause and I am sure there are times he disagreed with my direction. Any ever smiling man who had faced some times, the loss of his first wife and his eldest son and some very serious health challenges but he kept going and smiling and giving.”

“He led with a quiet grace and was beloved and deeply respected by his legions of 4-H members and fellow Jersey breeders.
He was a visionary. I remember a long ago trip from the Montreal Airport to Granby or Cowansville on a snowy night when he and Keith and I were on our way to a Jersey Quebec meeting. He told us Jersey Canada should establish it own registry system almost 16 years before it happened.”

“He never sought honours and awards but they came his way, 1976 President Jersey Canada, 1983 leading North River Orion’s Joy to an RAWF Grand Championship, 1993, Honorary Life Member Jersey Canada; Jersey Quebec L’Implication Exceptionally, 2011 Jersey Canada Distinguished Service award and on it went. And, of course, the Curtis Clark award during the 2003 RAWF!
Such a supporter and leader of Lachute Fair; super successful manager of North River Jerseys for the McCall family, family man, friend and mentor for so many.”

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