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Classroom Agriculture Program calls for volunteers

The Classroom Agriculture Program (CAP) is looking for volunteers from April to June to deliver in-class presentations to Calgary and area grade four students.

“This year in Calgary we had a record number of schools register for the CAP program,” says Karen Spelay, CAP General Manager.  “Over 260 classes are registered to receive the program in Calgary alone.  Volunteer support is urgently needed to help fulfill this large demand. Without volunteers we cannot deliver the program to students. If you are employed in the agriculture industry in any way please get involved, your help is necessary,” adds Spelay.

Many children today think that milk, eggs, and vegetables come from the grocery store.  They don’t connect these common products to the cows, chickens and crops in Alberta and they don’t understand the role that agriculture plays in their daily lives.  CAP is one of the only in-school programs that help children learn about the food they eat, where it comes from and the importance of agriculture in this province.

Dedicated CAP volunteers deliver the hour-long classroom presentation to over 20,000 Alberta students annually.  These volunteers are farmers, ranchers, veterinarians, food inspectors, government members or other individuals who have a passion for agriculture. This network of volunteers delivers the program each spring. Presentations include story-telling, hands-on props and fun activities. CAP provides training, ideas, resources and guidance to all volunteers.

“The prep work was not excessive and lots of latitude in content is encouraged. The presentations went terrific and we both (the students and myself) got a lot out of the sessions.” Darold Niwa, Key Account Manager UFA and CAP volunteer.

To register as a CAP volunteer or for more information, please go to

About CAP

CAP started in 1985, since that time more than 550,000 students have participated in the program. CAP is about the food you eat and where it comes from. CAP explains the value and importance of agriculture in Alberta. CAP highlights the vast opportunities in agriculture and the people, producers and industries that drive this trade. This initiative is supported by the Minister of Education and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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