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Classification Update from Oceanbrae Farms

Oceanbrae Milking Shorthorns and Jerseys in Prince Edward Island had a great day with the classifier on Thursday, November 28th.


Biggest highlight of the day was Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P being raised to EX-94. She is now the highest classified cow in the herd and is the highest classifed polled Milking Shorthorn in Canada.

Two daughters of Pepper also went Excellent: Oceanbrae Pepper Tina EX-92 (by Ted) and Oceanbrae Pepper Lorelei EX-91 (by Logic).

On the two year olds, Oceanbrae Redrama Penny-P scored VG-87 (Redrama x Perfect Logic). Oceanbrae PE Fantasy scored VG-85 (Prince Edward x Accent-P), the fourth daughter of Accent-P to scored VG this year. Also scoring VG-85 was a DJ Belmont crossbred daughter. That makes 12 Very Good Two Year Olds in 2013…definitely a record for the herd.

Other notables:
– Oceanbrae Ted Idea-P, daughter of Ideal-P, scored GP-84 in first lactation
– Oceanbrae Jurist Layla was raised to EX-92
– Shadycorners Jamaica Megan was rescored EX-92-4E

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