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Classification Time at Ratliff Jerseys

The classifier made a visit to Ratliff Jerseys in Garnett, Kansas and left some exciting scores for Ron & Christy Ratliff to report!

Ratliff Ladd Vicki EX-95

Ratliff Money Dixie EX-94
Cowbell Velocity Bon Jour EX-94
VF Showdown Glimer EX-93 Max Score
Ratliff Irwin Cadillac ET EX-93 Max Score – 2023 National Jersey Jug Winner
Ratliff Irwin Vita ET EX-92
Ratliff Lolalala Dancer ET EX-91 Max Score
MM Vip Frappe-ET VG-91 Max Score
Ratliff Muskteer Avery EX-90
Krullcrest Fancy Vision-ET VG-89 Max Score Sister to Vision
Ratliff Chocolate Voletta-ET EX-88
Ratliff Victorious Viana-ET VG-88
Ratliff Vibe Vassy VG-88
Ratliff Money Di-ET VG-87
Krullcrest Colton Adeline ET VG-87
Ratliff Vibe Victorious VG-86
Ratliff Chocolate Violet VG-86
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