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Classification Success at Mosnang Holsteins

Mosnang Contender Whirlpool VG-88

A great looking group was presented to the Holstein Canada classifier at Mosnang Holsteins this week. Congratulations on a successful classification round!

Classification Highlights
Multiple Excellent
  • Mosnang Gouda Champ P EX90 3E
2+ Lactation
  • Mosnang Contender Whirlpool VG88
  • Mosnang Unstopabull Karma VG87
  • Mosnang Macnut Lights Out P VG87
  • Mosnang Viral Star VG86
  • Mosnang Silvio Cash In VG86
  • Mosnang Unix Westjet VG86
  • Mosnang 1st Grade Coconut VG86
  • Mosnang Denver Wii VG86
  • Mosnang Jacoby Burpee VG86
  • Mosnang Applicable Hiku VG86
  • Mosnang 1st Grade Pupil VG85
  • Mosnang Chief Angel VG85
  • Mosnang Callen Kangaroo VG85
  • Indies View GW Daniella Rae VG85
1st lactation
  • Mosnang Sidekick Sassy VG86
  • Mosnang Crushtime Whirl VG86
  • Mosnang Angler Wacky Baccy VG86
  • Mosnang Sidekick Lickety-Split VG85
  • Mosnang Callen Jiffy VG85
  • Mosnang Artist Outgoing GP84
  • Mosnang Mirand White Wine GP84
  • Mosnang Duke Loveless GP84
  • Mosnang She’s da Bomb GP83
  • Mosnang Dropkick Croissant GP83
  • Mosnang Mirand Vamoose GP83
  • Mosnang Altitude Whimsy GP83


    Visit Mosnang Holsteins Breeder Tour page

    February 24, 2022: Jersey Canada has awarded Markus & Amanda Hehli, Mosnang Holsteins (MOSNANG), Rimbey, AB with the 2022 Young Achiever award.

    Markus & Amanda Hehli farm alongside Markus’s parents at Mosnang Holsteins near Rimbey, AB. Originally a 100% Holstein herd, the herd’s first Jersey was purchased in 2006 through the Calgary Dairy Classic sale as an Intermediate Yearling. Bramville Golden Boy Zippy EX-93-2E soon became Markus’s favorite cow in the herd and was the foundation of the Mosnang prefix. Zippy went on to provide the Mosnang prefix with 8 progeny (3 males) with a classification of GP+100%. These 8 progeny continued the family-line by producing 79 progeny.

    There are currently 32 Jerseys with the Mosnang Prefix registered with Jersey Canada. Of these 32, 14 are classified with GP+100%. The herd currently consists of 110 milking females of which 10 are Jerseys with an additional 15 Jersey heifers coming up.

    Even though the Mosnang Jersey herd is small Markus and Amanda have had a great time taking them out to the shows across Western Canada including, Saskatoon, Calgary Dairy Classic, the Westerner Dairy Showcase, and IPE in Armstrong BC. Some show highlights include:

    • 2021- Mosnang She’s Gone Viral- HM Grand Champion Alberta Dairy Congress
    • 2018- Krahn Girls Showdown Never Forget- Junior Champion IPE
    • 2018- Mosnang Straight Tequila Night- Jr. Champion Calgary Dairy Classic
    • 2017- Mosnang Snap Dragon- Junior Champion Calgary Dairy Classic & IPE
    • 2015- Mosnang Nitro ZOom Zoom- Junior Champion Westerner Dairy Showcase
    • 2011- Bramville Golden Boy Zippy- Grand Champion Saskatoon

    Both Amanda and Markus are key players at Mosnang on a daily basis. Both can be found regularly in the parlour milking, moving cattle around, and feeding the show pen.

    January 22, 2022:

The momentum keeps going in the upward direction at Mosnang Holsteins! At their latest classification round, they had the most Excellent and Multiple Excellents to-date!
Classification Highlights

1st Grade Chilli EX, Macnut Etransfer VG 2 Yr, Cash Callen EX, Callen Whipped cream VG 2 Yr, wickham Wiggle EX ©Mosnang

Multiple Excellents

  • Mosnang Windbrook Elicia EX 91-5E
  • HolsteinForumP Dempsey Lovely EX91-4E
    owned with Beemer Holsteins Ltd
  • Mosnang Doberman Justice EX91-2E
  • Mosnang Colt45 Willy Nilly EX90-3E
  • Mosnang High Octane Liquorice EX90-2E
New Excellents
  • Rockymountain Absolute Winnie EX93
  • Mosnang Bentley Pitcher EX91
  • Mosnang Wickham Wiggle EX91
  • Mosnang Bankroll Loonie EX90
  • Mosnang Aussie Jewel EX90
  • Mosnang 1st Grade Chilli EX90
  • J-A-Telford Avalanche Romeesha EX90
  • Rockledge Cash Callen EX90
    owned with Stanhope-Wedgwood
  • Mosnang Brash Glaze EX90
2nd Calvers
  • Mosnang Army Delight VG88
  • Mosnang Jacot Marsha VG88
  • Mosnang Bradnick Crushed It VG88
  • Mosnang Dempsey Melba VG88
  • Rockledge Solomon Denise VG87
  • Mosnang Denver J-Lo VG87
    owned with Blondin Sires Inc. & Beemer Holsteins
  • Corlane Crew Limonade VG87
  • Mosnang Chief Watermelon VG87
  • Mosnang Jacot Rye Whisky VG87
  • Mosnang Rummy Graffiti P VG86
  • Mosnang Unstopabull Ninja VG85
  • Mosnang Unix Crackle VG85
  • Mosnang Unix Lollipop VG85

1st Calvers

  • Mosnang Dropkick Annette VG86
  • Mosnang Unix Vixen VG86
  • Mosnang Callen Whipped Cream VG86
  • Bramville Vivaldi Majestic VG85
  • Mosnang Unix Adelle VG85
  • Mosnang Artist Rosina VG85
  • Mosnang Tattoo Hopscotch VG85
  • Mosnang Tattoo Matt VG85
  • Mosnang Macnut Lights Out P VG85
  • Mosnang Dempsey Bellini VG85
  • Mosnang Mirand Abercrombie GP84
  • Mosnang Angler Wacky Backy GP83
  • Mosnang Crushabull Rotalty GP83
  • Mosnang 1st Grade Web GP83
  • Mosnang Callen Melbourne GP83


August 17, 2021: Mosnang Holsteins kicked off the show year in Western Canada with a bang at the 2021 Alberta Dairy Congress Holstein Show! A successful day ended with a Grand Champion win with Senior 3-year-old, Heritagegrd Highoctane Cabaret (High Octane). The Mosnang Facebook page has been updated highlighting some of their successes!


It was a record amount of cows classified at Mosnang, where 47 animals classified including twenty five 2-year-olds! It was a great day with solid improvements throughout their herd. Herd stats now consist of 10 ME, 17 EX, 60 VG, 26 GP!
(L-R) VG88 High Octane, VG85 Silvio, VG86 Unix, VG87 Ammo, EX92 Jacoby, VG86 Unix, EX92 Bankroll ©Mosnang

Classification Highlights

  • Mosnang Bradnick Aloe Vera EX90 3E
  • Mosnang Bankroll Risotto EX92 2E
  • Mosnang Gouda Champ P EX90 2E
  • Mosnang Jacoby Escalade EX92
  • Mosnang Fitz Washout EX91
  • Mosnang Hero Reata EX90
2+ Lactations
  • Heritagegrd High Octane Cabaret VG88
  • Mosnang Armani Webpage VG88
  • Mosnang Colton Zena VG87
  • Mosnang Ammo Whisky 7 P VG87
  • Mosnang Diamondback Nickel VG87
  • Mosnang Millennium Labyrinth VG87
  • Mosnang High Octane Hippo VG87
  • Mosnang Hewn Whoopi VG87
  • Mosnang Doorman Betty VG87
  • Shadynook Bradnick Ricochet VG86
  • Mosnang Amandas Diamond VG86
  • Mosnang Callen Windblown VG85
  • Mosnang Contender Whirlpool VG85
  • Mosnang Solomon Marshmallow VG85
  • Mosnang Unix Lipstick VG86
  • Mosnang Unix Maddy VG86
  • Rockledge Solomon Denise VG86
  • Mosnang Silvio Casino VG85
  • Mosnang Silvio Cash In VG85
  • Mosnang 1st Grade Salutation VG85
  • Mosnang Unix Westjet VG85
  • Mosnang Jacoby Memory VG85
  • Corlane Crew Limonade VG85
  • Mosnang Unstopabull Karma VG85 owned with Lovholm Holsteins & Lucky Hill Dairy
  • Mosnang Macnut Lights Out P GP84
  • Mosnang Sidekick Adore GP84
  • Mosnang Tatoo Ladyship GP84
  • Mosnang 1st Grade Coconut GP84
  • Mosnang Unstopabull Ninja GP84
  • Mosnang Callen Kangaroo GP84
  • Mosnang Viral Star GP84
  • Mosnang Macnut E-Transfer P GP83
  • Mosnang 1st Grade Pupil GP83
  • Mosnang Undenied Access GP83
  • Mosnang Chief Angel GP83
  • Mosnang Denver Wii GP83

December 19, 2020:

It was a #scoretheherd day at Mosnang and with some incredible results, some major highlights we how exceptionally well the 2+ lactation cows did this round!

L-R: Showdown, Solomon, Denver, Beemer ©Mosnang

Classification Highlights
Multiple Excellents

  • Mosnang Windbrook Elicia EX91 4E
  • HolsteinforumP Dempsey Lovely EX91 3E —owned with Beemer Holsteins
  • Mosnang Colt 45 Willy Nilly EX 2E

New EX

  • Mosnang Doberman Justice EX
  • Mosnang Avalanche Risk EX

2+ Lactations

  • Mosnang Solomon Liquify VG89—owned with Stanhope Wedgwood
  • Mosnang Beemer Reckoning VG88
  • Mosnang Bentley Pitcher VG88
  • Mosnang Elude Ginseng VG88
  • Mosnang Bankroll Loonie VG88
  • Mosnang 1st Grade Chilli VG87
  • Rockledge Cash Callen VG87 —owned with Stanhope Wedgwood
  • Mosnang Brash Glaze VG87
  • Mosnang Hewn Jinx VG87
  • Mosnang Home Town Hero VG87
  • Mosnang Chief Apocalypse VG86
  • Mosnang Applicable Hiku VG
  • Mosnang IMac Lexus VG
  • Mosnang Bailey Chen Kraft VG
  • Mosnang High Octane Mattix VG
  • Mosnang Evoque Idol VG
  • Krahn Girls Shwdown Never Forget VG

1st lactation

  • Mosnang Colton Zena VG86
  • Mosnang Unix Lavish VG86
  • Mosnang Jacot Rye Whisky VG
  • Mosnang Contender Aces VG
  • Mosnang Denver JLo GP84
  • Mosnang Mile High Club GP84

October 26, 2020: It was a first time Grand Champion win for Mosnang at the 2020 Westerner Championship Show in Red Deer! Owned along with Stanhope Dairy Farm Ltd. & Wedgwood Holsteins, Junior 3-year-old Mosnang Solomon Liquify (Solomon) was named Intermediate & Grand Champion winner!

Mosnang reported a great classification round this week which included their 1st polled EX, Mosnang Gouda Champ P!

Classification Highlights
Multiple Excellent

  • Mosnang Airlift Adair EX-91-3E
  • Mosnang Saloon Liquor EX-94-2E
  • Mosnang Airintake Lullaby EX-90-2E
  • Mosnang Corey Eclipse EX-90-2E

New Excellent

  • Mosnang Bankroll Risotto EX-92
  • Mosnang High Octane Liquorice EX-90
  • Mosnang Gouda Champ P EX-90
  • Mosnang Formost Scooter EX-90

VG 2+ Lactations

  • Mosnang Fitz Washout VG-88
  • Mosnang Expander Eclair VG-87
  • Mosnang Beemer Reckoning VG-87
  • Mosnang Diamondback Nickel VG-86
  • Mosnang Novo Present VG-86
  • Mosnang Armani Webpage VG-86
  • Mosnang Randall Jess VG-85
1st polled EX at Mosnang, Mosnang Gouda Champ P! ©Mosnang

1st Lactation

  • Heritagegrd High Octane Cabaret VG-86
  • Mosnang Ammo Whisky 7 P VG-86
  • Mosnang Ammo Whisky Sour P VG-86
  • Mosnang Ammo Whisky on the Rocks VG-85
  • Mosnang Kashmir Reflection VG-85
  • Mosnang Bradnick Crushed it VG-85
  • Mosnang Colton Zena VG-85
  • Batesdale Topkea Jade of Fun VG-85
  • Indies-view-GW Daniella Rae GP-84
  • Mosnang Callen Shimmer GP-84
  • Mosnang Army Delight GP-83
  • Mosnang Dempsey Score GP-83
  • Mosnang Callen Windown GP-83

May 22, 2020: Mosnang Holsteins has been keeping busy and has updated their Facebook page with the highlights from around the farm! Including some great pictures of Mosnang Bankroll Risotto EX-91 4 yr, Mosnang Gouda Champ P VG, Mosnang Callen Crush Zone VG-86-2yr and many more!

November 5, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins has updated their website with news that they are heading East to the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair! They have also updated their website with their recent classification results!

October 24, 2019:

Classification Highlights

Mosnang Windbrook Aloe EX 91 3E
Mosnang Windbrook Elicia EX 3E
Mosnang Hired Gun Zapper EX 3E
Mosnang Bradnick Aloe Vera EX 2E

Mosnang Corey Eclipse EX

2nd Calvers
Rockymountain Absolute Winnie VG88
Mosnang Wickham Wiggle VG87
Mosnang Avalanche Risk VG87
Mosnang Doberman Justice VG86
Mosnang Hero Reata VG86
Mosnang Millennium Labyrinth VG
Mosnang Home Town Hero VG
Mosnang B Chen Venus VG

Mosnang Solomon Liquify- Revisit!
Rockledge Cash Callen VG86
Mosnang Doberman Watchdog VG86
Mosnang Expander Eclair VG
Mosnang Doorman Betty VG
Mosnang Bentley Pitcher VG
Mosnang Novo Present GP84
Mosnang Doberman Lollipop GP83

October 22, 2019: Highlights from the Westerner Dairy Showcase for Mosnang Holsteins included 3 weeks fresh, Mosnang Solomon Liquify winning the Jr. 2 class, Futurity and Reserve Intermediate Champion. Their Facebook page has been updated with photos highlighting their success!

October 15, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins is gearing up for the Westerner Dairy Showcase being held this week in Red Deer, AB. They have updated their Facebook page with happenings around the farm.

September 14, 2019: It’s been busy around Mosnang! Markus was the recent judge of two shows out in Ontario and their Facebook page has been updated with photos of his selection of champions. Catch up on the happenings going on at Mosnang Holsteins!

July 23, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with a photo of Mosnang Jacoby Legendairy owned with Ferme Blondin & Beemer Holsteins. She is now a VG-87 2yr and #1 Conformation cow in the world!

July 15, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins has received their first R&W Excellent! Mosnang Colt 45 Willy Nilly a 3rd calf, 4 Year Old is now classified Excellent. An exciting classification round with some great results listed below.

Classification Highlights

Multiple Excellents
Mosnang Airlift Adair EX91 2E
HolsteinForumP Dempsey Lovely EX91 2E

2+ Lactations
Mosnang Formost Scooter VG88
Mosnang Lauthority Whizbang VG88
Mosnang Beautiful Zinger VG88
Mosnang Golddust Cocoa VG87
Mosnang Absolute Lightweight VG86
Mosnang High Octane Hippo VG

Mosnang Colt 45 Willy Nilly, 3rd calf, 4 Year Old is now classified Excellent.

1st Lactation
Mosnang Dempsey Melba VG86
Mosnang Beemer Reckoning VG86
Mosnang Doberman Watchdog VG
Mosnang Mesmerize VG
Mosnang Snap Dragon VG
Mosnang Expander Eclair GP84

June 27, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins has updated their website with their recent bull lists, as well as a link to the article from Polled Dairy Cattle #PolledPlace that they were recently featured in!

June 12, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins had a successful day the Alberta Dairy Congress in Leduc, AB. They have updated their Facebook page with photos from their show wins!

June 4, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins is in the full swing of things are they prep for the Alberta Dairy Congress Show in Leduc this week!

May 29, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with a peek at some of the Reds they will be bringing to the Alberta Dairy Congress taking place on June 8th, 2019!

May 27, 2019: The Classifier was at Mosnang Holsteins on March 27th. They finished the day with outstanding results!

Classification Highlights

Multiple Excellents

  • Mosnang Ashlar Crunch EX91 4E
  • Mosnang Gold Chip Crunchy EX 2E
    (Dam & Daughter)
1st B&W Mature Cow, Mosnang Saloon Liquor

New Excellents

  • Mosnang Cat Scratch Fever EX92
  • Mosnang Airintake Lullaby EX
  • Mosnang Defiant Lickspittle EX

VG 2+ Lactation

  • Mosnang Bankroll Risotto VG88
  • Mosnang Colt45 Will Nilly VG88
  • Mosnang Doormans Ladylove VG86
  • Mosnang McCutchen iPad VG86
  • Mosnang Wickham Woggle VG86
  • Mosnang Gouda Champ P VG
  • Mosnang Bankroll Loonie VG

VG 1st lactation

  • Mosnang Solomon Varsity VG87
  • Mosnang Jacoby Escalade VG86
  • Mosnang Capital Gain Savings VG
  • Mosnang Fitz Washout VG
  • Mosnang Hero Reata VG
  • Mosnang Elude Ginseng VG
  • Shadynook Bradnick Ricochet VG

Other results

  • Mosnang Doberman Justice GP83
  • Mosnang Mesmerize GP83
  • Mosnang Home Town Hero GP83

March 11, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with photos as they gear up for the BC Spring Show!

February 20, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with photos of some the greats in their barn!

January 17, 2019: Mosnang Holsteins has announced that they are nominated for All-Canadian Breeder herd with Mosnang Saloon Liquor, Mosnang Deman Cheddar and Mosnang Corey Eclipse!

December 15, 2018:  A successful classification round took place at Mosnang Holsteins!

New Scores

Mosnang Windbrook Elicia EX 2E
Mosnang Saloon Liquor EX94
Mosnang Bradnick Aloe Vera EX

Mosnang Airlift Website VG88
Mosnang Full Spectrum VG88
Mosnang Integral Rerun VG88
Mosnang Capital Gain Magnum VG88
Mosnang High Octane Liquorice VG87
Lovhill Armani Kinky VG87
Mosnang McCutchen Webcam VG87
Mosnang Atwood Wacky VG86
Mosnang Beautiful Zinger VG86
Mosnang Avalanche Risk VG86

Mosnang High Octane Hippo GP84
Mosnang Wickham Wiggle GP84

Nov 24, 2018: Mosnang Holsteins celebrated Mosnang Saloon Liquor who scored EX-94 at their recent classification this week, the first 94 pt cow for the farm!

Liquor is no stranger to the show ring either. She was 1st 5 Year old at the recent Westerner Championship show in Red Deer, Grand Champion at the Alberta Dairy Congress and HM Grand at the Calgary Spring Show as well this year. She is nominated All-Western 5yr Old this year, was Reserve All-Western 4yr Old last year, and All-Western Junior 3yr Old in 2016.

Liquor has also earned two Superior Lactation Awards from Holstein Canada and her current projection for this lactation is 18,120 kgs milk, 4.1% Fat and 3.1% Protein, with BCA’s of 354-391-349.

Liquor has a High Octane daughter who scored VG-87 3yr and her Solomon granddaughter was Junior Champion at Calgary Spring Show and Alberta Dairy Congress this year. Liquor’s dam is an EX-92 2E 3* Bolton and an EX-92 Allen.

Congrats to the Hehli family on their success with Mosnang Saloon Liquor!

September 28, 2018- Mosnang had a great day at the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong, BC! Highlights included:
– Mosnang Dude Lilah EX-92 – 1st 5 Year Old, Grand & Supreme Champion
– Mosnang Hero V Waterfall VG-87 – 1st Jr 2 & Intermediate Champion
– Mosnang Corey Eclipse VG-88 – 1st Jr 3
– Premier Holstein Breeder
– Krahn Girls Showdown Never Forget – 1st Jersey Sr Calf & Jr Champion

August 15, 2018 – Mosnang has updated their website with classification results!

Feb 24, 2015- Mosnang Holsteins has updated their website with Classification Results!

Jan 31, 2015 – Mosnang has updated their website!

Nov 5, 2014 – Mosnang has updated their website!

July 23, 2014-Mosnang has updated their website with  a list of Millennium embryos from Petra, as well as new pictures!

June 18, 2014-New breeding bulls available at Mosnang Holsteins

June 7, 2014 –  Exportable “Doorman” x Jacobs Charlie Drayo embryos available by Mosnang Holsteins!

May 20, 2014 – See what’s new in the Embryo Inventory at Mosnang Holsteins!

March 25, 2014 – Check out the results of the Calgary Spring Show at Mosnang Holsteins

March 18, 2014 – BC Spring Sale Consignments are now posted on Mosnang Holsteins website!

March 12, 2014-To view Mosnang Holstein’s All-Western Results, embryo list and so much more please click here.

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