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Classification Results From Tramilda Holsteins & Stunning Holsteins

Tramilda Holsteins & Stunning Holsteins spent the morning with the classifier, and they have some exciting new scores including 12 new EXs and 36 new VGs!

Tramilda Brady Paris, EX-93  94-MS
Ty-D Chill Slice, EX-93  94-MS
Tramilda K Royal Itunes, EX-92  94-MS
Tramilda Atwood Styler, EX-92  92-MS
Tramilda Jedi Gracious, EX-92 2E
Stunning-M Corvette Stellar, EX-91  91-MS
Stunning-M Sid Taylor, EX-91  92-MS
Tramilda Solo Goldrush, EX-91  91-MS
Tramilda Franchise Lynn, EX-91  93-MS
Croaky-Pond King Cree,  EX-90  91-MS
Tramilda-N Am Alexis-Red, EX-90  91-MS
Tramilda Megasire Miami, EX-90  EX-MS
Tramilda-N Denver Brittany, EX-90  EX-MS
Tramilda Imax Idaho,  EX-90  93-MS
Tramilda Pharo Ilyssa, EX-90  91-MS
Tramilda Saturn Enlight, EX-90  91-MS
Tramilda Hardrock Cinema, EX-90  EX-MS
Tramilda Tatoo Adalyn, EX-90  91-MS
Tramilda Doc Suzanne, EX-90  EX-MS
Stunning Doc Emblem, EX-90  EX-MS
Tramilda Alltime Sonya,  EX-90

Nisly-Gen Rager Donut-Red,  VG-88
Siemers Menace Raquel,  VG-88
Stunning Doc Expression, VG-87
Stunning-M Doc Georgette, VG-87
Tramilda Duke Golden, VG-87
Stunning Noble Jess, VG-86
Tramilda Duke Jaquelle, VG-86
Siemers Menace Rose, VG-86
Tramilda Riveting Extra, VG-86
Tramilda King Royal Emmy, VG-86
Tramilda Rager Buttercup-Red, VG-86
Tramilda-R Mello Yellow-Red, VG-86
Tramilda Doc Challenger, VG-86
Triple-T-MPH Rosi-Red, VG-85
Cherrypencol L Linette, VG-85
Tramilda Duke Betsy, VG-85
Tramilda Altitude Adelle-Red, VG-85
Tramilda Solution Abery, VG-85
Tramilda Doctor Winner, VG-85
Tramilda Eisaku Magician, VG-85
Tramilda Doc Elephant, VG-85
Stunning-M K Royal Gem, VG-85

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