Classification Results did not disappoint at Millen Farms

Classification Results did not disappoint at Millen Farms

The classifier recently made their stop at Millen Farms in Omemee, ON. It was their first classification since the installment of the milking robots and the results didn’t disappoint!

Classification Highlights

Tomalynn Beemer Nyomie VG 86 2yr
Millen Solomon Darcy VG 85 2yr
Millen Smurf Blue VG 85 2yr
Millen Gold Chip Briana VG 85 2yr
Millen Beemer Renita VG 85 2yr

Millen Sennet Mora VG 88 3yr
Millen Sid Reagan VG 87 3yr
Millen Sid Moonlight VG 87 3yr
Millen Impression Angelina VG 87 3yr
Millen Contrast Elaine VG 87 4yr
Millen Attutude Buffy VG 87 5yr
Millen High Octane Jessie VG 86 3yr
Millen Doorman Bally VG 85 3yr
Millen Pinkman Brady VG 85 3yr
Millen Snowy Loretta VG 85 4yr
Millen Gold Chip Electra VG 85 4yr

Millen Bradnick Armoni EX 91 2E 5yr
Millen Doorman Rose EX 90 4yr
Millen Gold Chip Monica EX 90 4yr
Millen Envious Charlotte EX 90 4yr
Millen Lavaman Caroline EX 90 4E 7yr
Millen Sanchez Bermuda Ex 91 5E 8yr

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