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Classification Highlights from Tanbark Jerseys

Tanbark Jerseys, owned by Jenny Butcher and Wes Kuntz, who are also the proprietors of the popular Little Brown Cow Dairy and Grocery in Brantford, Ontario, had a recent visit from the classifier, and have some special new scores to report!

February Classification Highlights:

Meadow Lynn Legacy Lorraine SUP-EX95-9E! (Freshened in January with her 11th calf – pictured here in her working clothes 10 days fresh)Lorraine
Tanbark Joel Seacord EX-4E  (Joel x EX Jade)
Tanbark Victorious Oatmeal EX 92-3E  (Victorious x VG-87 3* Headline)
Tanbark Premier Fauntleroy-P EX-91. (Premier x EX-91 4E 2* Vintage-P)
Tanbark Gamer Moonlight Sonata VG-88  (Gamer x VG-88 Advantage)
Tanbark Video Never Mind VG 87-2yr-2nd calf  (Video x VG-86 Versatile-P)
Lothmann Barcelona Calypso VG-2yr  (Barcelona x VG-85 Impression)
Spruce Avenue Lonestar Ellie VG-2yr  (Lonestar x VG-86 Grandious)
Tanbark Oliver Ondelay-P VG-2yr  (Oliver-P x EX-91 Fizz)
Tanbark Oliver Lilith Fair-P VG-2yr  (Oliver-P x VG-85 Megapower)
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