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Classification Highlights from Suntor Holsteins

Suntor Holsteins in Ormstown, QC, had the classifier visit the farm recently and the day produced some great results! 

Suntor Supershot Emery EX ©Suntor Holsteins

Classification Highlights

  • Supershot Emery EX
  • Delta Roxette VG 88
  • Joyride Joyzella P VG 87
  • Casual Brinkley P VG 87
  • Duke Evine P VG
  • Superstar Bambi P VG
  • Powerball Jacey P GP84


  • Delta Evencia GP 83
  • Détour Jelanetta GP 83
  • Détour Jellary GP 83
  • Apple Pie Rylan P GP 83
  • Jersey Classification Highlights
  • Sunset Canyon Dimension A April VG87
  • Sunset Canyon Daybreak N Maid VG 87
  • Sunset Canyon Got Maid Apple GP 81
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