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Classification Highlights from Seelby Holsteins

The Classifier recently made their way over to Seelby Holsteins and they have some wonderful results to report!

Seelby Doorman Jinni EX
Seelby Contrast Cassidy EX
Seelby Stanley Cup Viki EX

Seelby Denzel Macey EX 2E
Seelby Jordan Vilma EX 2E
Seelby Durham Candee EX 2E

Seelby Capital G Callie VG88
Seelby Envious Vivien VG87
Seelby High Octane Mara VG87
Seelby Chelios Jaylee VG86
Seelby Solomon Keira VG85

Seelby Benefit Josefina VG86
Seelby Airlift Lindsay VG85
Seelby Expander Valerie VG85
Seelby High Octane Daisy GP84
Seelby Expander Coralie GP84
Seelby Airlift Core GP84
Seelby Benefit Cordelia GP83
Seelby Airlift Venetia GP83

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