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Classification Highlights from Harvdale Holsteins

The Classifier’s are making their rounds in Ontario and they stopped in last week at Harvdale Holsteins from Stayner, ON where they were happy to report a great classification round!

Classification Highlights

1st lactation

  • Harvdale Ben Secret GP-82
  • Willet Goldchip Sunset GP-83
  • Harvdale Crush Macie GP-84
  • Harvdale Silver Sugar VG-85 (MS 86)
  • Harvdale Silver Mojito VG-85 (MS 86)
  • Harvdale Control Sunshine VG-85
  • Janefield Bombero Princess VG-85 (owned by Tim Henshew and Ryan Harvey)
  • Harvdale Callen Secret VG-86

2nd lactation

  • Harvdale Bentley Mave VG-86

3rd lactation

  • Harvdale P Blake VG-88
  • Harvdale G Chip Mariah EX-90

Multiple EX

  • Langelands Reginald Maya EX-90 2E
  • Janefield Baxter Petra EX-91 2E (owned by Tim Henshaw)
  • Harvdale Gill Mariline EX-92 2E
  • Harvdale SC Kathleen EX-92 2E
  • Harvdale Goldwyn Brittney EX-92 4E
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