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Classification Highlights at Sunny Dairy Farm

The recent classification round from Sunny Dairy Farm in Manitoba highlights some of the incredible breedings at the farm! Congratulations! 

Bramville Viral Vexor VG-87 ©Sunny Dairy Farm

Classification Highlights

1st Calvers

  • Bramville Viral Vexor VG 87
  • Meadow Lynn Dominate Ashlynn VG 86 (88MS)
    Kyland Andreas Snapshot VG 85
    Granddaughter of Tequila Shot; 2020 Reserve All-American
  • Lambada Journey Monte VG 85
    This score making her the 12th generation VG or EX in her pedigree

2nd Calvers

  • Swissbell Commerica Chelsea VG 86
  • Lone Pine Irresistible Whiskey Girl VG 86

3rd Calvers

  • Crosswinds Dillan 7213 P VG 86 (92 MS)
  • Lampada Excitation Bobby Jinx EX 90
    Owned with Lampada
  • Unique Valentino Supra EX 92 (95 F&L)
    Fresh January 1 with twin webcam heifers

4th Calvers

  • Unique Matt Fiji 91 2E
    Owned with Unique Stock Farm; turning into one of the strongest brood cows on the farm
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