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Classification at Ratliff Jerseys

The weather wasn’t the only thing bringing the heat last week in Garnett, KS! The classifier paid a visit to the ladies at Ratliff Jerseys and have some hot new scores to show for it!

Ratliff Irwin Vancy-ET EX94 Max Score
Ratliff Money Vixen EX93 Max Score
Ratliff Seagrams Arie EX93
VF Showdown Glimmer EX92
Ratliff VIP Alaska EX92
Ratliff Destry Addie VG88 2nd calf
Ratliff Abel Natty VG89 Max Score
Ratliff Asher Dynasty VG89 Max Score
– Owned with Dan Friedrich
Budjon-Vail Victorious Blayke-ET VG89 Max Score
– Owned with Gettle’s
Ratliff Boo Arizona VG88 2 Yr. Old
Ratliff Musketeer Victoria VG88 2 Yr. Old
Ratliff Swagger Diggity VG88 2 Yr. Old
Ratliff Lo lalala Demi VG87 2 Yr. Old
Vierra Colette VG87 2 Yr. Old
Ratliff Kid Rock Star VG85 2 Yr. Old
Ratliff Vibe Apples VG83 2 Yr. Old Just fresh
Violets Reckless Vanessa VG86 Milking Yearling

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