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Clanman Jerseys Classification Highlights

An exciting classification round for Clanman Jerseys as their gear up for their Spring Tag Sale taking place April 15-16th.  

© Clanman

1st lactation

  • Clanman Judo Chop 86
  • Clanman Matt Ariana 86 (calved in at 1-8 and scored at 44 DIM)
  • Clanman Judo Moana 85(sells in the tag sale
  • Clanman Choice Sista 85
  • Clanman Oliver Snowbird-P (her Senior Yearling maternal sister by choice sells due in the fall)

2nd lactation

  • Clanman Joel Venice VG-88 (she sells!)
  • Clanman Beautiful Selfie VG-88(her Intermediate Yearling by Hellcat sells due in the fall)
  • Clanman Joel Stella VG-87 (she sells)
  • Clanman Viral Pipsqueak VG-86

New Excellents

  • Clanman David Energizer EX- 91(her Intermediate Yearling by Disco sells; due in the fall)
  • Clanman Ladd Serena EX-90
  • Clanman OnTime A-H EX-90
  • Clanman Matt Martha EX-90 (her Summer Yearling by Video sells)
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