Chrisleacres Registered Holsteins 77 points at recent classifcation round

Chrisleacres Registered Holsteins gains 77 points at recent classifcation round

An enjoyable day was had with the classifier at Chrisleacres Registered Holsteins recent classification round. Overall, 77 points were gained on 34 previously scored cows. Their current herd stats are 6EX, 35VG and 32 GP.

Classification Highlights

Acme Delicious-Red EX-90
Mr B Jaelyn *RC VG-88 EX-MS (Mr Burns) 4 Weeks Fresh
Laurin Kimi-ET EX-91 3E
Ly Malfunction VG-88 (Lyndon)
Shottle Mollie VG-88 EX-MS
Goldsun Nicole EX-91
Pici Pansy-Red VG-88 EX-MS
Sanchez Tilly VG-87

2nd Lactation
Bold Crush VG-87 EX-MS (Crush)
A Corona VG-85 (Armani)
Clark Elliemae VG-85
After Glee VG-88 (Aftershock)
Ladd-P Marylou-Red VG-85
Atwood Maurice VG-87
Rainy Miami-Red VG-85
McCutchen Pandora VG-87
Guthrie Phoebe VG-86
A Piranha-Red VG-87 (Addiction)
Purple Fever VG-89 EX-MS (Fever)
Roxanne-ET VG-85 (Armani)
Atwood Tamika VG-86
The Race Is On VG-85 (Racer)

1st Lactation
Rainy Air VG-85
Devour Roma-Red GP-83 VG-MS (5 Weeks Fresh)
Diamond GP-84 (Diamondback)
Armani Rayven GP-83
Clark Sadie VG-85

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