Chocolate milk come from?

Where does Chocolate milk come from?

Quick, ask the person next to you where chocolate milk comes from.

If they answer ‘from the carton’ or ‘I don’t know, Sainsbury’s?’, give them a pat on the back. But if they say ‘from brown cows’, please do the world a favour and educate the poor dears.

chocolatemilkl_1cowsmo2017Because apparently, we, as a society, haven’t been doing a great job of telling people that no, brown cows do not magically produce chocolate flavoured milk.

A recent survey of 1,000 people by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy found that 7% of adults – yes, adults – believe that chocolate milk comes directly from brown cows.

That means that 7% of the adults surveyed believe that there are such things as chocolate cows. The researchers found 70 people who believe this. They genuinely think that if you squeeze a brown cow’s udder, chocolate milk will come out.

This is mind blowing.

If you’re thinking ‘hey, 7% isn’t that much’, don’t let the rest of the adults off that easy.

48% of people surveyed simply said they had no idea where chocolate milk came from. They had no clue.

So it’s possible that they may have thought it came from brown cows, but were too embarrassed to say so.

Let’s just get this clear now, for anyone reading this who’s still confused: brown cows do not produce chocolate milk.

Milk comes from cows of any colour. That milk can then be turned into chocolate milk through the addition of flavouring – cocoa and sugar.



Source: Metro


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