China eyes Dairy imports Ukraine

China eyes Dairy imports from the Ukraine

The Ministry of agrarian policy was held a meeting of representatives of the top three Chinese dairy companies, a major importer of Chinese products for the HoReCa, the head of Olam China and other distinguished representatives of the Chinese side with representatives of the Ministry.

Participation of Olga Trofimova, Deputy Minister of agrarian policy of European integration. The meeting was organized by the company Olam International. The Agency INFAGRO the meeting was provided information support.

In recent days, the Chinese representatives very actively acquainted with our country and its trading opportunities, interesting for China. They visited the 7 dairies, tasted products, and visited the farm.

Regarding the dairy sector of Ukraine stated about its growth, despite the fact that official production volumes are reduced. Improves the quality of milk raw materials, increasing processing and export. The price of Ukrainian raw milk is two times lower than the price of milk produced in China.

The participants of the meeting discussed the case of Ukrainian exports of whey to China: share of exports to this country amounted to 50% in 2017 and rose to 60% in the first half of this year. Discussed the possibility of such dynamics for Ukrainian exports of SMP and butter.

Also touched on the strained trade relations between China and the United States and Ukrainian perspectives in this regard, different categories of products, not just dairy.

Chinese participants were invited to Shanghai to present the exhibition and was very interested in the Ukrainian stand. This year Ukraine will be seriously presented with the support of the chamber of Commerce, writes Infagro.


Source: The Bobr Times

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