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Changes for the USA National Convention Sale!

By Dallas Burton

They will come to Indiana this year as they will Iowa next year and Missouri last year.  They fly, drive cars and pickups and come as friends and families.  They fill the seats and sit in shirt sleeves to witness history.   From past purchases it is as though the consignments are dipped in magic water and the memories of these historic individuals are so thick they have to brush them away.  The one constant through the years has been the National Holstein Convention Sale.   America rolled by like an army of steamrollers and the blackboards of life erased the achievements of the previous year, rebuilt new ones and erased it again.  The National Holstein Convention Sale has marked the time.  This one sale has produced through the years some of the most historic and memorable purchases ever made by the impact breeders of each era.  The Breeders, the pedigrees and the royal heritage of USA Holsteins is part of our past.  It reminds us all at once that what was good will be again.

The 2013 Indiana Holstein National Convention Sale is evolving to create yet another chapter in the historic sales of the past.  This year’s RACE TO THE FUTURES SALE on Monday, July 8th at the Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis will feature along with the high profile choice of flush options available an additional 40 head of the top pedigreed high type and elite genomic calves born in 2013.  Parading through the shavings of the sale arena, these youthful ladies illuminate the top breeding establishments across the United States.

Breaking from past traditions especially in a sale series as prestigious as the National Convention Sale is not easy.  Producing two top live sales in 3 days in the elegance and style of the Indianapolis Convention Center is difficult.  “Putting cows where cows are not suppose to go.” is never easy and almost always riddled with problems.  It is a task the Indiana Holstein Convention leadership and its membership in general has taken, if not in stride at least in confidence that this year’s sale will be yet another high water mark for future conventions to aspire to.

Why is it that every day seems the same but when we look back it looks so different?  When we all look back at the 2013 Holstein National Convention Sales on Monday, July 8th and Wednesday, July 10th we’ll marvel at the question, “why wasn’t this done before now?”

Mark the dates and make your plans to come sit in the seats, meet old friends and make new ones and take home a genetic impact.  It’s happened countless times before and 2013 is your time.

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