Celebrate Dairy Pride Wisconsin June During National Dairy Month

Celebrate Dairy With Pride In Wisconsin This June During National Dairy Month

June is almost here and in Wisconsin that means one thing – it’s National Dairy Month! Wisconsin celebrates this annual month-long holiday bigger than anywhere, bringing communities together to toast to dairy – Wisconsin’s signature industry. National Dairy Month honors Wisconsin dairy farmers, and the fruits of their labors, which represent the essence of what Wisconsin is all about.

June is just around the corner and in Wisconsin that only means one thing – it’s National Dairy Month! Wisconsin celebrates this national holiday bigger than anywhere, with many opportunities for Wisconsinites to show pride for our state’s dairy heritage. Join us in celebrating all month long by honoring Wisconsin’s dairy industry and the hard-working farmers who produce high-quality, award-winning dairy products.

“Each June we turn the spotlight on Wisconsin farmers who work tirelessly to produce our state’s award-winning dairy products,” said Suzanne Fanning, Senior Vice President of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and Chief Marketing Officer of Wisconsin Cheese. “Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland for a reason: we do dairy better than anyone. That identity is Wisconsin’s birthright – it’s central to the state and defines how the rest of the world sees us.”
June is the time for Wisconsinites to come together and share their pride for America’s Dairyland, a rightly deserved title for the state that leads in dairy heritage, innovation and awards. This June, more than 70 Wisconsin farm families will hold dairy breakfasts across the state, keeping with a tradition upheld since the 1970s. Each event is unique, but there’s one thing you can count on – the chance to learn about the positive impact and important role farmers play in their communities while exploring the barns, seeing the cows, and enjoying fresh, locally made dairy products.

“We are thrilled to kick off this annual celebration by inviting Wisconsin residents out to the farm to meet these farm families and see first-hand their passion and dedication to feeding their neighbors and our growing world,” Fanning said. “But there are so many more ways to celebrate Wisconsin and honor our hardworking dairy farmers and Wisconsin’s dairy industry this June.”

You can celebrate National Dairy Month all month long by:

  • Tuning in to the official June Dairy Month Spotify playlist
  • Watching the “I’m a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer” short video series on YouTube or catching them before movies at Marcus Theatres and pre-game at The Milwaukee Brewers baseball games
  • Purchasing Wisconsin dairy products with the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese™ and Proudly Wisconsin Dairy™ badges to make your favorite recipes at home
  • Sharing access to high quality nutrition, including milk, with kids this summer by donating at Give A Gallon for the Great American Milk Drive
  • Visit Hooray Wisconsin Dairy for more information and to find a farm breakfast or event near you.

Source: Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

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